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Not long ago, two friends, a glass of wine and a vision about the world of natural oils.

Our mission is to get rid of all non-natural ingredients in your body oils, cosmetic products and candles.

Isn't it so much better to keep it simple?

But simple doesn't mean boring. The wellness industry should be fun, and that's why there is always a funky twist in the Rokai Tribe.

So the life formula around Rokai is easy: Nature Fanatics with Humble Souls & Funky Hearts.





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Discover Rokai, meditation, and natural wellness

Launched in 2020 in Morges, Switzerland, by the two friends, the natural cosmetics brand offers a range of beauty products based on essential oils. Rokai has everything you need for a relaxing spa moment at home, from candles and bath salts to massage oils.

All Rokai’s beauty products are homemade and handmade at their premises in Morges. The double freshness of Rokai products comes from the funky spirit of the brand as they believe that the wellness industry should be fun and straightforward. So the life formula around Rokai is easy: Nature Fanatics with Humble Souls & Funky Hearts. At the same time, reading their labels will never be a challenge as they only use a few natural ingredients, or as they call it, “naked ingredients,” to keep your skin healthy and look its best.

Although essential oils are potent ingredients with many virtues that must be measured and used with caution, Rokai identifies them as “an excellent after-work companion” that help relieve mental fatigue. Among the massage oils, Wild Waves of Bali, made from refined avocado oil, is distinguished by the key ingredient, vitamin E, which supports skin well-being and promotes cell regeneration, and supports the immune system. It also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

What’s unique about the Rokai tribe?

All Rokai skincare products are unique, and they genuinely hope that you won’t feel the need to hide their products in your bathrooms amongst other beauty products. Rokai believes that all-natural is better than fake; therefore, they only use natural ingredients that are impossible to reproduce in the laboratory. Rokai beauties are all handmade, hand-poured, and created in small batches. From filling up the bottle to labeling, they trust that the magic flows through their hearts to their hands. That’s what makes their products so unique.

What about Rokai processes?

Quality and high hygiene standards are Rokai’s core priority. Their laboratory was built from scratch with their friends and family’s help. Humble but conscious, none of their products have been tested on animals or harmful substances, parabens, conservatives, or other chemical fragrances and dyes used in their production processes. They also prioritize eco-packaging, using glass bottles and compostable paper to wrap their products.

Rokai has just launched a new skincare line: body scrubs that will soon be available on Swiss Impact Store. Made from white sugar and coffee, the third scrub, called “For your eyes only,” is more abrasive and ideal for the feet or the buttocks, which are prone to cellulite. Their aromatic power is sublimated in combinations such as mint-lemon, bergamot-grapefruit, and neroli-lavender in their range of bath salts, including a rosemary-based formula. A mixture of honey, white sugar, avocado oil, and vitamin E for the body and a combination of oatmeal and chocolate powder for the face.

Rokai’s FAQs

Does Rokai ship to my country?

Rokai delivers in Switzerland and the European Union. Delivery is free for orders above 70 CHF in Switzerland and 100 CHF in the EU. It may take up to 5 business days to deliver your order.

More details can be found here or under the Store Policies tab on the Rokai’s store page.

How did Swiss Impact Store select Rokai?

Swiss Impact Store selects eco-friendly brands that meet the needs of the present for the benefit of our future. We evaluate each of our partners with an extensive assessment and analyze their sustainable practices. We use our sustainability scale, which can be found here.