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Here’s What You Will Like About Organic Silk Scrunchies

Scrunchies are trendy, cute, and impossible to avoid. They are great for keeping your hair in place without damaging it with rough materials. Choosing organic silk scrunchies also helps protect the environment.

Your hair accessories are incomplete without a headband. But buying them on the spur of the moment could be harmful. Do you want to feel guilty about putting tons of trash in already-full landfills? That’s why we love our eco-friendly, clean, and eco-friendly scrunchies.

So let us count all the good things about them!

Organic Silk Scrunchies Are Resource-Efficient

Polyester, nylon, and acrylic are all examples of plastic-based materials that don’t break down. Even after a long time, they still sit in our dumps. Imagine living on a mound of plastic waste! This would happen if we kept making trash that doesn’t break down.

On the other hand, organic silk scrunchies are unique. They are made from natural, eco-friendly materials that break down after a few months. They aid in the natural formation of soil and free up space in landfills.

Eco-friendly scrunchies are made from hemp, organic cotton, fair trade linen, silk, and fair trade wool. They can also be made from synthetic or semi-synthetic materials that are upcycled or recycled. But the most common material used is organic silk.


  • Do your sustainable scrunchies waste a lot of materials and resources?
  • During the process, does a lot of water or energy get used?
  • Are they to blame for putting things in the environment that are bad for it?

If the answer is no, then your “sustainable” scrunchies really are “sustainable.” Because responsible producers follow a “zero-waste” philosophy, everything left over is recycled or used differently. Also, they use fewer resources because they make things from natural materials and take good care of them. The Scrunchie Scarf Colibri is also made with organic materials and dyes and is safe for the environment.

Sustainable Scrunchies Are Good For Ethics

Child labour and poor conditions at work happen more often than you might think. Several people working in the fashion industry in developing countries die yearly because their jobs are dangerous and they don’t get enough health care. Sustainable headband makers aren’t going to stand for all this pain!

They follow all labour laws, make fair trade, make sure workers are safe, and keep the supply chain transparent. Also, companies that make sustainable scrunchies hire people most in need, like people from marginalised groups and low-income families.

They Are Durable

One part of fast fashion is buying many clothes and only wearing them twice before throwing them away and buying more. All the things you throw away end up in the trash and add to the waste in our landfills. Sustainable fashion, on the other hand, tells you to buy an outfit and wear it as long as it still works.

An ethical scrunchy will last more than one season because it is made of solid materials and has a usually timeless pattern. Look at the Scrunchie Organic Silk. It’s a classic piece because it has so many looks and is made of solid material. You could wear it for years and never get sick of it.

Will you switch to organic silk scrunchies for the sake of the environment? The Swiss Impact Store has everything you need to help save the world and look great at the same time.