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Cozy Sustainable Sweaters for Layering Up

Everybody needs to wear a cozy sweater and jumper to warm up at work or during a nice walk somewhere in the Alps, or simply throw in your favorite sustainable sweater around your waist all year round so you are not chilly.

Swiss Impact Store has a range of ethical sweaters perfect for any occasion, from the office to date nights or holidays. Certified organic wool, Modal pullover, or elegant Baby Alpaca sweaters are versatile additions to your sustainable wardrobe. All our sweaters are made with respect to nature and craftsmen using natural fibers and dyes. Shopping for eco-friendly sweaters these days isn’t as difficult as it was five years ago, and investing in those beauties is worth every penny; trust us!

What to look for in a sustainable sweatshirt?

Glad you asked. Investing in ethical fashion guarantees a long-lasting wardrobe and a fantastic look for years. But finding a truly sustainable item ain’t easy if you don’t know how to ask the right questions.

First, you should ask yourself what material it’s made of. Synthetic materials like nylon or polyester are made with microplastics and cause ⅓ of all plastic pollution worldwide every time they are washed. Thus, it’s always better to opt for eco-friendly and naturally sourced fabrics, like organic wool, merino, or alpaca, and keep hold of much-loved ethical sweaters for as long as possible by repairing or upcycling and donating to a thrift store when you’re done with them.

Organic materials require fewer resources, whereby no pesticides or fertilizers are employed and are usually biodegradable at the end of their lifespan. Sweaters made of a single fiber are much easier to recycle, thus perfect to opt for.

Wasteless manufacturing processes for ethical sweaters

Make sure that a brand aims for a wasteless manufacturing process and a circular supply chain.

What does it mean?

Usually, the manufacturing processes of fast fashion brands lead to increased textile waste that ends in our landfills, and very little is sent to recycling. Overproduction and overstock are the cause of this problem. Nothing can be worse than a brand-new item that was thrown away without ever being worn.

As seasons change, the unsold supply is thrown away at landfills. Slow fashion brands have been adopting circular supply chains for some time now, repurposing as many garments as possible, minimizing production by having permanent collections and reducing stock.

What’s the best part of eco-friendly sweatshirts?

The best part is our women’s sustainable sweaters are as on-trend as our fast-fashion rivals. Buying ethical items from eco-friendly brands that are transparent about their production processes and the right ethics can help reduce the environmental impact of your wardrobe and make sure that no child labor is involved in clothing making.

Sustainable product packaging and delivery

Product packaging and delivery can also be as wasteful as creating the product itself. Support sustainable brands that use plastic-free, biodegradable, or renewable packaging and carbon-neutral shipping initiatives.

Ask yourself if you see yourself wearing this sustainable sweater for years. The good thing about sustainable fashion is its out-of-trend and seasonal collections. Slow fashion items are relatively classic and can be worn through seasons and years without getting out of style. Consider repairing, upcycling, and donating to a thrift store when you’re done with your old sweater.

Finally, you can maintain a sustainable lifestyle focusing on quality rather than quantity by simplifying your wardrobes. Enjoy an eco-friendly shopping experience with the Swiss Impact Store!