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At first glance, SIS is a sustainable marketplace for conscious people who care and LOVE  this vibrant planet we all share. But ooooh, we are so much more than that!

Here, we’ve created our own little sustainable world where living is 100% conscious. A like-minded community where not only you’ll find a variety of lifestyle eco-brands at a simple click, but a place where you’ll also have the opportunity to learn insightful ways on how to live more sustainably.


At SIS, we are constantly working on solutions to reduce the carbon footprint caused by the retail industry. Our goal is to provide a one stop solution for everything you need for a sustainable life, from clothes for men, women, and children to accessories, beauty and household products. 

Get ready to find only brands who care about the environment as much as you do. Here you can shop with the peace of mind knowing that we pay attention to every step of the shopping experience, from material used to manufacturing and delivery.

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We understand that sustainability is a trendy buzzword that many brands use to attract well-intended buyers. But the problem is: many of these don’t follow through to guarantee a truly sustainable business model.  

That’s why all of our vendors go through a strict evaluation before being onboarded. We take into consideration everything, from resources management to the safe work conditions, fair wages (and everything in between).


Find below our main values that we live and breathe by:
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Extensive Sustainability Assessment

We evaluate every brand on our platform to ensure high sustainability standards.

certified products

We follow international sustainability standards and use certifications that assess each brand’s green initiatives.

certified raw materials circularity

We select brands that are conscious about Earth’s natural resource & wastage while promoting the usage of more eco-friendly alternatives.

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Supporting SDGs

We are dedicated to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and proud to lead as an example to other brands to promote a greener future.

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Did you know that sites that load slowly also impact the environment? Crazy right? That’s because they require a lot of energy to properly function. With that in mind, our hosting is sourced from renewable energy. We are proud to be a certified eco-website and we use environmentally responsible hosting that uses less energy.

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We cater for every step of the retail production process, paying close attention to avoid brands that take advantage of child labour, while ensuring workers’ fair wage, time off, safe workplace conditions, etc.

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Our slogan says it all: Be the change you wish to see in the world. We aim to educate and encourage our visitors to aim for a more sustainable lifestyle through informed, conscious shopping.

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Waste management is a huge cause of concern for us, water being among our considerations. We especially value recycled materials, zero-waste, and natural dyes.

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Another environmental concern we pay close attention to is the sustainable practices towards soil and animals in the production chain.

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We partner exclusively with like-minded stakeholders that also have high environmental concerns and who pay close attention to sustainable, zero-waste development. All our partners go through an extensive assessment before being onboarded. For brands to be displayed at the SIS marketplace, we evaluate them based on 5 categories: 1) Materials; 2) Manufacturing; 3) Supply Chain; 4) Work Conditions; 5) Ongoing Dedication.

Helping You and the Planet Look Good


The date was November 2019. It was another warm day in the hectic city of Bangkok when Damla Aksu stumbled upon something that instantly caught her attention: a seemingly normal bag, but with a detail that felt almost revolutionary… the bag was 100% made out of reused plastic bottles.

Suddenly, a (sustainable) lightbulb lit above Damla’s head. She knew right then and there that she was now a woman on a mission to spread the word. She decided she wanted to share similar products not only with her network of friends, but with an even larger community of like-minded individuals who also cared for a more eco-alternative supply chain.


The retail industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world – it accounts for 8.1% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Climate change and scarcity of resources are in an all time growth.

There are a number of reasons why this happens: mass production, the quality (and type) of material being used, its manufacturing process, resource wastage, overconsumption… to name a few.

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non eco friendly plastic objects arrangement



We strongly believe that minimizing the retail industry’s impact on our world starts from a place of awareness. The increased growth of consciousness regarding Retail’s negative impact on the environment was the main reason why this platform was born. But finding the right eco-friendly products is not always easy.

Our mission is to share responsible, sustainable brands with a like-minded community of shoppers. We want to plant the seed of an eco-alternative shopping experience and watch it blossom into environmentally friendly initiatives that will reframe the retail industry as we know it.

Carbon Neutral

Minimizing CO2 emissions by paying close attention and cutting down carbon emissions, from ourselves and our brands alike. By partnering with a Dutch company, CO2ok we provide our customers with the option to support CO2 emission reduction projects.

Product Circularity

We value sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, and recycling existing materials, and products. Our goal is to reduce the supply chain’s environmental load and introduce a Closed-loop recycling process by which a (used) product can be turned into a new one. 

Socially Responsible

Everyone, from farmers and manufacturers to designers and consumers can contribute to a greater change. To us, this is a combination of collective awareness with individual efforts that can positively impact our planet.


Our marketplace operates globally and welcomes all eco-friendly brands to join Swiss Impact Store. 

Simply reach out to us at [email protected] or by directly creating a vendor account here. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Before registering, please make sure that you are aligned with our registration requirements.

Demands and queries are treated from our premises in Lausanne, Switzerland. We guarantee the Swiss savoir-être & savoir-faire client support by providing our customers and vendors with the utmost attention to detail and service efficiency. 

All the information shared and stored on our website is based on both the Swiss and international laws. Your personal information is protected according to GDPR regulations.

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