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Sustainable dresses and skirts

Are you looking for a new ethical dress to add to your wardrobe? Here are the best sustainable dresses from our curated environmentally and socially conscious brands.
Swiss Impact Store has a range of fair trade dresses perfect for any occasion, from the office to date nights or holidays. Certified organic cotton, Tencel dresses, or elegant regenerated silk dresses are versatile additions to your sustainable wardrobe.
We love versatile comfortable dresses that suit any occasion while supporting fair trade artisans and the planet! Most of the dresses here are under 200 CHF, and all are fairly made of eco-friendly fabrics. These are primarily neutral colors to add to a capsule wardrobe easily. You can use colorful accessories to spice your look.

Natural fibers for eco-friendly dresses and skirts

The best part is our eco-friendly dresses are as on-trend as our fast-fashion rivals. Investing in sustainable fashion guarantees a long-lasting wardrobe and fantastic look for years. Buying from eco-friendly brands that use natural fibers and dyes can help reduce the environmental impact of your wardrobe.

Organic materials require fewer resources, whereby no pesticides or fertilizers are employed and are usually biodegradable at the end of their lifespan. Dresses made of a single fiber are much easier to recycle, thus perfect to opt for.

Choose recycled materials for fair trade dresses and skirts

Dresses that are made of recycled synthetic materials or deadstock should be bought with caution. Every time these clothes are washed, they release microplastics into the environment. We usually don’t wash our swimsuits in washing machines as it can damage the fabric. That’s why it’s better to prioritize swimwear made of recycled materials rather than everyday clothing.
It’s always better to opt for eco-friendly fabrics, keep hold of much-loved ethical dresses for as long as possible by repairing or upcycling and donate to a thrift store when you’re done with them.

What makes fashion slow: ethical dresses

Have you heard the concept “buy less, buy better”? Slow fashion stands for reduced production and consumption. Slow fashion is just the opposite of fast fashion. It’s about consuming less but better quality clothing that will last longer and making conscious choices when it comes to purchasing decisions.

Buy items that have been manufactured locally. Sustainable shopping also means avoiding the pollution associated with shipping garments made abroad. If you do buy garments made overseas, look for brands that use low-carbon transportation methods and follow ethical production processes by fairly paying their craftspeople and providing safe working conditions.

Main characteristics while shopping for sustainable dresses

First, a dress must be made of high-quality, sustainable material like linen
A brand must have a permanent seasonless collection or a few styles released twice a year maximum
Often, it’s sold in smaller local stores that you haven’t heard of previously
Sometimes, eco-friendly brands offer made-to-order dresses in order to avoid excessive production and deadstock

The concept of ethical dresses is based on essential items that can be combined according to the occasion. For example, like this Kimono dress, day dresses are easy to wear for events or casual occasions. Similarly, like Freesia dress, sweater dresses are great to be worn with tights or leggings in the cold weather. A summer Calabar dress, for instance, is perfect for a day out with friends but also can be dressed up for a dinner date, which is another vital part of your sustainable wardrobe.
Finally, you can maintain a sustainable lifestyle focusing on quality rather than quantity by simplifying your wardrobes. Enjoy an eco-friendly shopping experience with Swiss Impact Store!

Shop Eco-Friendly Skirts

Discover our collection of sustainable skirts, perfect for the eco-conscious fashion enthusiast. Crafted from environmentally friendly materials like organic cotton and Tencel, our skirts offer both style and sustainability. They’re designed to be versatile, ideal for any setting – from casual outings to more formal events. By choosing our sustainable skirts, you’re not just making a fashion statement but also contributing positively to the environment. Each skirt in our collection reflects a commitment to ethical fashion, ensuring you look great while supporting sustainable practices. Shop now and add a touch of eco-chic to your wardrobe!