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Gust. is a small sustainable Slovak brand that was launched in 2020 in Bratislava with the aim of providing high-quality and environmentally friendly clothing and home textiles. 

We, at gust. are devoted to provide a sustainable alternative to fast fashion. From the first sketches, the choice of materials to the way we produce and ship, our commitment to sustainability is at the very core of who we are, as a brand.  

Each item is made to order. No serial production. No seasonal sales.

This way, we avoid overproduction and save valuable resources in the process.

The choice of an environmentally friendly fabric was a number one priority for us. We produce clothes from 100% linen, and home textiles from 100% linen and linen/cotton blends, sourced locally and responsibly within European Union (OEKO-TEX 100, EUROPEAN FLAX, BETTER COTTON INITIATIVE). The production of linen fiber is one of the most ethically responsible and environmentally sustainable for multiple reasons. No extra irrigation, no chemicals, no GMOs or pesticides are used to grow flax.  

Apart from being naturally biodegradable and recyclable, linen fiber is also one of the strongest and most durable, which is one of the main reasons we chose it for our brand. 

Exactly this durability of linen coupled with the simplicity and minimalism of each model allows us to offer a made-to-last slow-fashion garments that will always be timeless, getting better with every wear and hopefully worn for many years.

Each product is handmade in EU by professional seamstresses, which are provided fair and social conditions. We collaborate directly with diverse seamstresses who independently run their own workshops throughout the country. By doing so, we proudly support the local seamstress community, building long-lasting personal partnerships based on mutual trust and respect. Every product and each seam is made with the highest level of craftsmanship and hand-checked to ensure it meets the most stringent quality standards. 

We, at gust., continuously strive to find further ways of reducing our carbon footprint in the production and along the entire supply chain.

The manufacturing process of our fabrics in entirely powered with energy from renewable sources. We reduce fabric waste almost to zero by making scrunchies and fabric samples. Our shipping process is earth-friendly and entirely plastic free. We only deliver our products in linen bags and cardboard boxes, which can be reused, repurposed and recycled.

Gust. is proud to take part in the transformation of the textile industry towards a more humane, sustainable future.

From the rain-grown flax plant in Lithuania, through the entire manufacturing process powered by renewable sources and done according to strict certification, handmade to order by our fairly paid seamstresses, shipped in reusable and recyclable packaging across short distances within EU, our sustainable linen clothing and home textile line represents a commitment to ethical and environmentally conscious fashion down to the last seam.




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