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Here’s Everything We Love About Sustainable Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits. They’re cute, trendy, and here to stay. They are perfect when you don’t want to do the same pants and top and want to stand out of the crowd a bit. Plus, when you choose ethical jumpsuits, they help save the planet.

So, if you are revamping your wardrobe for the season, adding an overall is a must. But mindlessly buying outfits has its consequences. You don’t want to be responsible for adding tonnes to Earth’s already overflowing landfills, do you? Here is everything we love about sustainable jumpsuits that make them clean, green, and planet-friendly.

So let’s jump(suit) in!

Eco-friendly Jumpsuits Use Natural Materials

Plastic-based materials like polyester, nylon, and acrylic are non-biodegradable. They sit in our landfills, and even after decades, they don’t go anywhere. Imagine living on top of a pile of plastic trash! That’s what would happen if we kept producing non-biodegradable waste.

But sustainable jumpsuits are different. They use eco-friendly and natural textiles that will disintegrate and mix with the soil after a few months of discarding them. It empties the space they take in landfills and completes the natural cycle of soil formation.

Common materials eco-friendly jumpsuits use are:

  • Organic cotton
  • Hemp
  • Ethical silk
  • Linen
  • Ethical wool

Alternatively, jumpsuits can also be synthetic or semi-synthetic as long as they are preloved, recycled, and don’t hurt the environment in their making.

Sustainable Jumpsuits Are Consciously Made

Do they waste a lot of material in their manufacturing?

Does their processing consume loads of water or energy?

Do they release harmful chemicals into the environment during their production?

If not, then your sustainable jumpsuits are genuinely sustainable. Their responsible manufacturers practise a zero-waste policy, so all scraps are used or recycled. Plus, using natural materials and conscious processing means they need minimal resources. Even the dyes in Dakar TENCEL™ Straight Leg Jumpsuit are organic and do not hurt the environment.

Sustainable Jumpsuits Are Ethically Sourced

Child labour and poor working conditions are more common than you think. Several fashion factory workers in developing countries die because of improper facilities and health hazards in their workstations. Sustainable jumpsuits stand up against all that inhumanity!

They have a transparent supply chain, practise fair trade, ensure safe working conditions, and fulfil all labour rights. In addition, they provide jobs for people that need them the most, for instance, marginalised groups or no-income households.

They Last You Years

One aspect of fast fashion is you buy loads of garments, wear them twice, dispose, and repeat the cycle. The pieces you dispose of all end up in waste and do nothing better than fill our landfills. On the other hand, sustainable fashion encourages you to buy an outfit and wear it for as long as it is wearable.

Eco-friendly jumpsuits are made with durable materials and have an overall (pun intended) classic design, so they don’t go out of style in just one season. Take Dakar TENCEL™ Straight Leg Jumpsuit, for example. The timeless piece allows accessorising, so you can wear it for years without growing bored.

Ready to make the switch to sustainable jumpsuits? Get the best deals at the Swiss Impact Store and make a difference in the future while looking classy!