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about our sustainability

Our Sustainability

Every purchase counts!

Raise the bar on sustainability: Shop at SiS for a greener future.


Discover How SiS Is Leading the Way in Sustainable Practices

We are committed to making the world a greener place in every way we can and hope to make your sustainable transformation as smooth as possible.

🍃Eco-Friendly Website

Digitalization will soon be one of the most polluting industries out there, and we want to be one step ahead of the issue. Our hosting provider partners with Bonneville Environmental Foundation to match the amount of energy used in our site into renewable energy.

🍃Carbon-Conscious Shopping

Take control of your carbon footprint with our innovative algorithm that displays the carbon impact of each purchase on the cart page *coming soon*.

🍃CO2-Neutral Shipping

SiS partners with CO2ok, a Dutch company compensating for CO2 emissions. Our customers can choose to offset their carbon footprint by financing emission reduction projects at a small additional cost *will be back soon*.

🍃Strict Selection Criteria

SiS follows a strict selection process for all its brands. We only partner with brands that share our sustainable values and are trustworthy with their ethical and environment-friendly supply chains.


Meet the Brands Who Fulfill The Rigorous SiStainability Standards

Our partners are special! They share the same ethical values as SiS and uphold identical sustainability benchmarks.

We have a set standard to evaluate all potential partners before welcoming them to our platform. We call that standard the “SiStainability Scale.”

All sellers on SiS pass the following five stages of the SiStainability Scale:

✔️Eco-Friendly Resources

SiS ensures that its partner brands use natural, organic, recycled, upcycled, and biodegradable raw materials. The brands must keep their water and energy consumption in check, guaranteeing no waste.

✔️Low-Impact Production

SiS’s brands strive to make their manufacturing process as carbon-neutral as possible. This means low emissions, non-toxicity, ethical sourcing, using renewable energy, and eco-friendly designing.

✔️Earth-Conscious Supply Chain

We go above and beyond to assess every part of our brands’ supply chain for environmentally-viable practices – from product designing to materials selections, production, packaging, and logistics.

✔️Ethical Code Of Conduct

We look for companies that value their staff members throughout the supply chain by paying fair wages, ensuring a secure work environment, and banning child and forced labour.

✔️Growing Dedication

Our ideal partners are continuously improving their sustainability practices. They are eager for audits, certifications, and tests we put them through for constant refinement.

✔️Demystify The SiStainability Lingo

It isn’t fun to be left in the dark when you hear terms like “carbon footprint” and “fair trade.” It could impair your judgment about a brand’s sustainability practices before you purchase from them.

Think of this glossary as a compass for ethical shopping.

Would like to become a SIS partner?

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