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Your Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Perfect Sustainable Socks

Socks. You may not think about them, but your days are never complete without them. They are warm, comfy, and a treat for your toes on a chilly winter night. I bet you already have a favourite pair of socks in which you feel most at home.

But have you ever thought about how they are made? What if I told you for every pair of socks, tonnes of lethal greenhouse gases make their way into the atmosphere. These gases make holes in our ozone layer, increase the global temperature, and cause dozens of healthcare issues. 

And that is why Swiss Impact Store only partners with eco-friendly brands that produce sustainable socks. They look after your feet’s health without destroying our planet’s natural environment.

So, do you want to learn more about eco-friendly socks and what makes them better than synthetic ones? Consider this article as a crash course for that!

Why Choose Sustainable Socks?

Wouldn’t you trade a pair of your regular socks in return for a cleaner, greener, and healthier environment for your kids? If yes, then every step counts, no matter how tiny. 

Buying and using sustainable socks ensures that you minimise the effects of fast fashion as much as possible. These socks are:

Better for the environment

Sustainable socks use organic textiles. They do not consume toxic insecticides, chemical fertilizers, synthetic dyes, and microplastics. Their manufacturing process also involves upcycling harmful emissions and preventing waste from ending in water bodies.

Naturally degradable

The materials in sustainable socks decompose on their own once you discard them. Hence, they don’t crowd our landfills and contribute to the natural recycling of soil components.

Safer for humans and animals

Since ethical socks do not pollute our ecosystem, they do not adversely affect our health or wildlife’s survival

Ethically acceptable

The sustainable industry not only stands up for eco-friendly materials and manufacturing but also for fair wages, labour rights, and proper working conditions.

What Are Sustainable Socks Made Of?

Socks can be where you start if you want to switch your wardrobe to ethical, eco-friendly pieces. There are several fabrics and materials you can choose from, each one softer and more comfortable than their fast-fashion counterparts.

Recycled polyester

These are primarily plastic. But instead of using new plastic pellets, these socks are made by recycling plastic from landfills.

Upcycled cotton

Producing cotton from scratch consumes too much water and chemicals. Hence, cotton garments are recycled and reused to make socks.

Organic cotton

Non-GMO cotton does not consume as much water and is organically produced without pesticides and chemical fertilisers.

Ethical yarn

Ethical or responsibly sourced yarn means no harm to animals during its production.

Where Do I Find The Best Sustainable Socks?

Now that you know what eco-friendly socks are and why they are good, you must be thinking, where do I find them? 

Good news: Swiss Impact Store has just the right pairs for you. Their No-Show Socks by 1People are best sellers and are exceptionally soft and comfortable. And if you need coverage for your ankles, try the Cable-Knit Ankle Socks. They are snuggly and durable, and the material feels incredible against your skin.

Both pairs are OEKO-TEX® certified, completely eco-friendly, ethically sourced, and incredibly cheap. At just 23 CHF, you get a pack of three that will last you for at least a year.

Are you ready to steal the deal? Visit the Swiss Impact Store now and make a positive impact on the environment for your future generation’s sake.