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The Best Sustainable Accessories That Make Men Instantly Stylish

The choice of accessories may completely transform an outfit. However, if they are constructed using hazardous components, they have the potential to contribute to the pollution of our environment. That is where sustainable accessories come into play.

Since more and more individuals have begun to recognise the dangers posed by fast fashion, sustainability has emerged as a popular buzzword. It has become challenging to locate sustainable accessory manufacturers that care about the environment and do not only employ the concept of “green” as a marketing strategy.

The Swiss Impact Store understands the challenges a conscientious shopper must face to get the highest quality, ethical and sustainable accessories. So, without further ado, here is our rundown of the top sustainable accessories you need to add to your closet immediately!

SiS Has A Wide Range Of Sustainable Scarves For Men

There’s something about men wearing scarves. Whether it’s David Beckham, Brad Pitt, or Jude Law – men wearing scarves give off a different vibe.

But it doesn’t mean you should run out and buy a new scarf right away. The production method of the standard ones destroys the ozone layer, and toxic dyes wind up in our water supplies. Find cruelty-free, hand-woven, completely organic, and environmentally friendly in the sustainable accessories section of SiS.

3 Manly Ways To Tie A Sustainable Scarf

Are you prepared to brighten up your style with fashion that is not only guilt-free but also kind to the environment? The scarves from SiS’s sustainable accessories are your best bet!
Here are three masculine ways to tie a scarf to bring out your natural enigma:

  1. Fold your scarf in the middle. Put it around your neck, and insert the two free ends in the loop on the other end. Tighten as per comfort.
  2. Put the scarf around your neck with one end long and one short. Wrap the longer end once more around your neck loosely.
  3. Start with a short and long end around your neck. Wrap the longer end around the shorter one, with the free fabric coming from the top of the knot.

Sustainable Masks That Do Not Pollute

During the epidemic, we threw away an average of approximately 3.4 billion face masks and shields daily. It is an insanely high figure for one day, right?

Face masks made from sustainable materials are one method to compensate for the harm we have caused to our earth. Because they may be reused and cleaned, throwing them away is not required after a single use.

In addition, even after you have decided to dispose of them, the fact that they are biodegradable allows them to decompose naturally into the soil. Plus, since they are so in-trend, the stylish ones have become our favourite sustainable accessories!

Masks Made From Sustainable Materials Are Economical.

It would seem that a fabric face mask, which costs 36 Swiss francs, would be significantly more expensive than a box of 50 disposable masks, which cost 25 Swiss francs. You are entirely incorrect!

The maximum lifespan of a disposable mask is one day. But you may clean and reuse a sustainable mask as often as necessary for it to do its job. Sustainable face masks are inexpensive when seen as an investment in the long run. Check out our linen face mask that is free of toxic dye and can last several months without needing replacement!

Make the switch to sustainable accessories with the Swiss Impact Store being the one-stop shop you can always trust.