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SiS B2B Services

We connect sustainable businesses to conscious customers. We’re an all-in-one solution you need to grow your eco-friendly business.

Would you like help with impactful branding to stand out, digital marketing across multiple channels, unmatched creativity to vitalize your brand, full control over your environmental impact, and exposure in front of a conscious audience?

Our Brands

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Bring More Eyeballs To Your Business

List Your Products On SIS – It’s free and always will be!

Sow the seeds of a scalable business.

  • Fast, seamless user experience
  • Full control over stock and price
  • Exposure in front of a conscious audience

Join best-selling vendors now!

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Put Your Sales On Turbo

Giveaway Weekly Drop Of Green.

Boost your sales by dropping the prices of green products every week!

  • Weekly sales help you create a sense of urgency
  • Stay on top-of-mind with customers
  • Create a buzz related to your products

Give out the hottest sales now!

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Focus On Your Business, Leave Marketing To The Pros

SIS makes marketing trouble-free and efficient.

We’ve partnered with Honeybee Content Marketing Agency, one of the best content curators in Switzerland that will help you to:

  • Attract an audience for your brand
  • Turn into an advocate for sustainability
  • Build online presence across multiple platforms
  • Channel your brand effectively and profitably

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Show Your Audience You Are The Real Deal

Let SIS Prove Your Environmental Impact.

Sustainability is not just a PR word but an actual data-driven process.

  • Track all steps in your supply chain, from raw material extraction to the point of sale
  • Measure the environmental, social, and circular impact of your products
  • Analyze and diagnose the potential areas for improvement
  • Promote sustainability transparency by sharing accurate data

All without costing you the world!

Get Featured In Lifestyle Partnership Program!

Let SIS tell your story to the world!

Share your brand’s story, history, and core values while marketing your services with exclusive discount offers.

Start Selling With SIS

Ready to showcase your sustainable products to the world using SIS’s fanbase?
All you need to do is these simple steps:


Contact us today and discuss the hottest deals we may be offering for a limited time only

Assess Your Impact

We only partner with sustainable brands and offer to track your environmental impact

Set Up Your Store

Set up your brand on our eco-friendly website and start listing your products

Start Selling!

Go full-throttle with our done-for-you marketing services, and start selling instantly

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is SiS for?

Swiss Impact Store is the right solution for you if you’re looking to:

  • increase the visibility of your product
  • increase the authority of your brand 
  • save time and resources with an all-in-one platform to fully concentrate on your business
  • save effort with innovative and technically advanced services
  • increase trust by communicating your environmental impacts to the right audience in a simple way
What kind of products can I sell?
  • Sustainable fashion for Women, Men, and Kids
  • Clean beauty 
  • Ethical home & living
  • Customized categories based on your needs
Am I eligible for a Lifestyle Partnership Program?

The following businesses are eligible for this program:

  • Green hotels
  • Local eco-friendly grocery shops
  • Eco-friendly restaurants & cafes
  • Eco cleaning services: car wash, dry cleaning etc.
  • Recycling management companies & services
  • Green real estate
  • Governmental initiatives, i.e. “Green cities”
  • Impact investing companies

Would like to become a SIS partner?

Contact us to find out more.