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Sustainable Lingerie For All Types of Bodies

Are you looking for new ethical lingerie to add to your sustainable wardrobe? Here is the best selection of sustainable lingerie from our curated environmentally and socially responsible brands.
Start your day with comfortable, beautiful eco-friendly lingerie that will make you look and feel confident. Choose between Modal briefs or biodegradable bralettes to update your everyday essentials to ethically made underwear. On Swiss Impact Store, you can find your favorite ethical lingerie brands designed to redefine self-love and sensuality. Check out our size guides for different cup and hip sizes to find your best match and empowerment.

What makes lingerie eco-friendly?

Swiss Impact Store selects brands that use sustainable manufacturing practices and natural materials to create lingerie that is good for wearers and the planet alike. As usually laces, ribbons, and bows are made with synthetic materials, here is what you should pay attention to when shopping for your favorite underwear.

Lingerie made of natural and recycled materials

Choose natural and low-impact fabrics like modal, which is one of the most sustainable and biodegradable of all fabrics, especially the one certified TENCEL™. Derived from renewable wood sources, modal is a breathable material that prevents bacterial growth in private regions and offers better hygiene and an odor-free environment.

Spandex and other synthetic fibers for your lingerie

At the same time, most lingerie brands contain a small amount of synthetic fiber called spandex that is necessary to ensure garment longevity, especially after a few washing machine cycles. We also know that when we wash clothes made of recycled or virgin fibers, microplastic goes down the drain, which causes environmental pollution. Thankfully, a lingerie filter bag exists that helps decrease the amount of microplastic breaking off your lingerie into waterways.

Choose non-toxic dyeing process

As underwear is worn close to the skin, you should pay close attention to the non-toxic dyeing process of the item that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. You can always refer to certifications like GOTS certified organic, OEKO-TEX, or bluesign to ensure no toxic substances are transferred to people or the environment.

What about fair trade lingerie ?

The beauty of sustainable brands is that they prioritize fair labor practices and urge full transparency in their supply chains. If you need a more solid basis for fair trade lingerie, check if a brand has a third-party label like Fair Trade, the most recognized and trusted sustainability certification globally.

Circular supply chains for ethical lingerie

It usually occurs that manufacturing processes lead to increased waste of natural resources and energy, discharging toxic chemicals into air, water, or land. Therefore, sustainable brands adopt circular supply chains repurposing as many materials as possible and prioritizing small productions to eliminate overproduction, which leads to a decrease in waste of resources and time.

Sustainable lingerie product packaging

Product packaging can also be as wasteful as creating the product itself. Support sustainable brands that use recyclable, biodegradable, or renewable packaging. Recycled cardboard and other forms of paper-based packaging are recognized as the most environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging, especially if it’s Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified, supporting responsible forest management.

At Swiss Impact Store, we believe that every woman should be able to decorate her curves with sustainable lingerie that promotes body acceptance and confidence without the need for third-party validation, the opposite of what’s been encouraged by fast fashion all these years.

So if you want to feel gorgeous and empowered or wish to surprise your significant other, then check out sustainable brands that place nature at the forefront of sensual clothing with eco-friendly production methods and the softest materials.