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Get These Sustainable Heels For Happy Feet

It’s possible that finding the ideal pair of shoes is the most challenging endeavour on the face of the planet. Some of them do not fit well, and others are uncomfortable and rough on the feet. In addition, there is a wide variety of styles suitable for formal and informal events. It’s hard, isn’t it?
We know how you feel since we’ve been in your shoes before (pun intended). After putting thousands of “seemingly” immaculate pairs to the test, we have selected eight pairs of women’s sustainable heels as our favourites and have listed them below.
They are durable enough to last you for the next half a decade, in addition to being soft, adaptable, eco-friendly, and sourced in an ethical manner. Let’s look at two of our favourite options from the women’s sustainable heels collection we carry here at SiS.

Best Sustainable Heels To Look Fab!

To complement our sassy party personas, each requires a trendy pair of sustainable heels. Don’t worry about it; SiS offers a pair suitable for any event.

Black heels for a safe bet

They are stylish, have a lot of comfort, and are quite good for the environment. When you need to make a statement, wear the Vegas Suede Heels. They are ideal sustainable heels for a night out at the bar, a romantic first date, or any other occasion where you want to stand out.

Find your vegan heels

Some simply cannot function normally in sky-high heels. They are confident and attractive in low-block heels. The Chicago heels are the perfect complement to them. Thanks to their adaptability, you can wear them to formal dinners, parties, dates, and even weddings without worrying about seeming out of place.

How To Care For Your Favourite Sustainable Heels?

Taking care of your shoes is necessary to maintain sustainability and ensure they last you long. Hence, taking proper care of all your sustainable accessories is essential for an eco-friendly lifestyle.
Here is a stepwise method of taking care of your sustainable heels.

  1. After each usage, give the shoes a little rubbing with a dry towel to remove any dirt or dust that may have become caked on.
  2. Next, re-wipe the surface using a towel dampened with warm water.
  3. The Pinatex® should be allowed to dry naturally.
  4. Use a natural balm to keep the material wet and prevent cracks to preserve the high quality of the material.
  5. Spread it out evenly on the fabric, then massage it with a gentle cloth.
  6. After the waxing, let the item air dry for a full day.

Caution! Keep your sustainable heels away from direct sunlight and direct heating sources such as heating vents, as all of these factors have the potential to cause harm to the material.
Pinatex and other eco-friendly leather alternatives are durable only when maintained properly.
The Swiss Impact Store believes:
“Give a woman the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” – Marilyn Monroe
At SiS, we have the perfect sustainable heels that can make you head over heels for them (ooh, clever!). Get one now!