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The Ultimate Sustainable Backpacks Buying Guide!

Backpacks have been in our lives since our school lives. And most of us use them daily, whether for work, hiking, or travelling. So if you are thinking of getting one for yourself, why not switch to a planet-friendly option?

Eco-friendly backpacks use vegan materials or recycled products. Plus, they are stylish, comfortable, and practical. But finding the perfect one is a challenging job.

Since the number of conscious consumers started rising rapidly, many companies began green-washing their marketing campaigns. They advertise their products as sustainable but know very little about the essence of sustainability.

Therefore, genuinely sustainable backpacks have become a rare gem. But don’t worry; this buying guide will help you quickly uncover it!

So let’s learn what things you need in sustainable backpacks.

How To Choose Practical And Stylish Sustainable Backpacks?

The market is full of options. You will need to comb out the best ethical backpacks to make your purchase successful. Here are a few aspects you need to look into :

Are Your Sustainable Backpacks Big Enough?

Ask yourself this: What are the things you are most likely to carry? If it is a laptop or camping supplies, you will probably need tons of capacity. A compact one will do if you only take your mini notebook and a pencil to college.

The size of your eco-friendly backpack depends on your needs. We recommend the incredibly chic and petite Grape Leather Backpack MIDI if you need a small size and its MAXI version to carry larger gear.

How Many Pockets Does It Have?

Most sustainable backpack lovers would kill for a few extra pockets. Or at least one to keep your phone away from all other stuff. The Washable Paper Leather Backpack by etéreo has a small separate sleeve for your phone or miniature valuables like keys or safety pins and ample space for your supplies. Plus, the roll-top is an extra treat to customise the size according to your needs.

Do You Need Waterproof Sustainable Backpacks?

We recommend getting waterproof and weatherproof sustainable backpacks always. Ones like the Buffalo Paper Leather Backpack are washable and easier to maintain. Even when the name includes “paper,” the material is entirely water-proof and set to last you many years of regular washing or walks in the rain.

Best Sustainable Backpacks Materials: Paper Vs. Grape Leather 

The most common vegan materials in sustainable backpacks are grape and paper leather. Both are eco-friendly and greener alternatives to polymeric faux leather as they are plant-derived, do not emit harmful chemicals into the environment, and are biodegradable. 

Grape Leather Eco-friendly Backpacks

Grape leather comes from byproducts of wine and smells incredible. Although the natural tones of the leather are burgundy, plum, blush, or violet, they can easily be dyed your favourite colour using natural and non-toxic dyes. But since the material still needs to be recyclable, we advise you to use grape leather sustainable backpacks carefully so they last long.

Paper Leather Sustainable Backpacks

These use paper as their base material. But the paper goes through water-proofing, so it is safe to use them even in the rain or snow. Because of their processing, these sustainable backpacks are also more durable than they sound. They can withstand scratches, are not prone to cracks or peel, resist stains, and their color does not usually fade in the sun.

Carry your things in a sustainable backpack, so you don’t have to carry the weight of our planet’s dark future on your back! Visit the Swiss Impact Store for a fantastic collection.