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Set Mini Bolero and pants | Rêve de Rive Swimwear.

Rêve de Rive Swimwear

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Rue de la Cité, Geneva, Switzerland

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There’s a sense of occasion of bien habillé in Rêve de Rive designs. Our collections are a life-long love affair for sun-kissed escape inspiring confidence and style with each wear. A sense of timelessness exists in all collections, allowing pieces to become a treasured part of summers past and coming. All Reve de Rive swimwear is made entirely from recycled and sustainable fabrications; this includes all printed materials.

Rêve de Rive’s sustainability is embedded within each produce and collection. There is an added value of not only eco-ness, but exclusivity in the finer details are noticeable and present within each piece to ensure longevity. Our feminine mix and match pieces fit like a summers dream. Since 2015 we have taken leaps and bounds to ensure our sustainability in each step, process and collection.

Swimwear usage is more than just for summer or beach getaways and this is why Rêve de Rive is creating timelessness that exists for different swimwear needs all year round.




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