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Color Me Slow, discover Nimboo

Nimboo is a 100% Slow brand of kimonos, fashion and home accessories naturally dyed from recycled Indian temple flowers.

I selected the Saurabh collections for their balance between French aestheticism and Indian craftsmanship, but above all for its environmental, social and societal commitment. Nimboo represents a very committed fashion and lifestyle that I am proud to offer you.




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Discover Nimboo

Nimboo is a French ethical brand based in Paris. Nimboo creates timeless clothes and home accessories in harmony with nature, far from global fast fashion trends. Known for their balance between French aestheticism and Indian craftsmanship, Nimboo restores the beauty of Indian temple spring flowers thrown away by upcycling them into natural dyes for their hand-woven textiles. The garments are made in limited series by the skillful hands of craftswomen in India, who find a form of recognition and social integration there.

This approach aims to support local artisan communities, often disadvantaged women or people with disabilities from different parts of India, providing them access to better working environments and better livelihoods.

When you buy Nimboo’s organic linen kimonos or eco-friendly dyed tablecloths, you contribute to securing the villagers’ basic needs and empowering the local artisan communities.

World of Nimboo

Nimboo is a philosophy for modern living that places nature at its heart. Nimboo is dedicated to finding beauty in waste, joy in a conscious lifestyle, and supporting inclusive, fair, and responsible production processes.

Nimboo aligned its brand with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and identified these universal sustainability principles as its top priorities, the examples of which are: Goal 1. No poverty, Goal 8. Decent work and economic growth, Goal 10. Reduced inequalities and Responsible production.

Their conscious philosophy goes beyond the process of development and production to packaging and delivery. Some unused fabrics are used to design Nimboo bags or small gifts. If the materials are impossible to reuse, they are distributed to the most disadvantaged members of local communities.

From banning single-use plastic usage to vegetarianism and child-free practices, members of the Nimboo team have also undertaken some crucial actions toward an eco-friendly lifestyle within the team.

Transparency and Traceability

Nimboo has traced and measured the impact of every step of its supply chain and identified key takeaways that became its core priorities. Their purchasing filter called “Responsible attribute” comprises 12 criteria using a standardized process to determine the impact of each product, from the fabric sourcing to where the textile has been cut and stitched.

Fair Wage & Gender Equality

Nimboo works to ensure that all the stakeholders along the supply chain are fairly compensated and taken care of. They’ve chosen to work with cooperatives and businesses owned by women that provide job opportunities and fair wages for local communities.

Low energy and water consumption

Nimboo works with conscious facilities that use renewable energy, such as solar electricity systems. They also reuse the dyebath wastewater instead of fresh water in order to reduce water wastage.

Natural fibers and dyes

Nimboo only works with chemical-free, biodegradable, natural fibers and dyes for water and soil conservation. They only use GOTS certified organic linen and cotton for most textile production that requires less water; recycled steel and aluminum for tableware, and upcycles discarded objects or fabric leftovers to create a higher quality product. They use biodegradable and compostable bags made from corn starch or recycled cotton fabric as an alternative to single-use plastic packaging.

Nimboo’s FAQs

Does Nimboo ship to my country?

Nimboo uses carbon-neutral shipment and delivers to all the European countries. Delivery is free for orders above 150 euros. It may take up to 5 business days to deliver your order.

More details can be found here or under the Store Policies tab on the Nimboo’s store page.

How did Swiss Impact Store select Nimboo?

Swiss Impact Store selects eco-friendly brands that meet the needs of the present for the benefit of our future. We evaluate each of our partners with an extensive assessment and analyze their sustainable practices. We use our sustainability scale, which can be found here.