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Headband Organic Silk Colibri


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Feel the joy and softness of nature all around you with this silk headband, like feathers framing your features. It has a knot on front and an elastic on the back for best fit. You radiate. A tribute to nature, to biodiversity, this collection carries the commitment for a more sustainable and responsible fashion all along the value chain. This piece is woven in “”peace silk”” (non cruel), it is GOTS certified organic, and the dyes are natural with essences of flower offerings recovered from Hindu temples (here roses, hibiscus and pomegranate).

Maintenance Advice :

Hand wash less than 40 degrees using environmentally friendly detergent or dry cleaning without perchlorethylene. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

Item composition

Organic Silk of Peace: Peace Silk Or Ahimsa Silk Is Cruelty-Free Silk, Sourced From Indian Sericulture Certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). Harvested By Women Artisans Using A "Humane" Method Where Silkworms Are Not Killed. By Purchasing This Piece, You Are Supporting This Artisanal Tradition, You Are Saving Animals And You Are Promoting Biodiversity.

Bio GOTS : For Most Of Our Products, We Use Organic Cotton And Linen, GOTS Certified. They Are Free From Pesticides And Require Less Water For Their Production.

Low water consumption : We Recycle Our Used Water And Use The Leftovers (See Our Bags And Our Notebook). With Means Of Production That Use A Minimum Of Water Or By Using Fabric Scraps, We Reduce Waste.

Empower women: We Have Followed The Trace Of The Product To The Raw Materials In Order To Trace Our Value Chain And To Be Socially Responsible From Its Creation.



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Shipping only in Europe

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