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It is time to ditch leather and choose stylish, sustainable bags

The bag industry has done more harm to the environment than the entire fashion world – leather being the main culprit. The production of leather bags poses several severe threats to our atmosphere, forests, water bodies, and animal lives.

Therefore, environmental activists came up with sustainable bags to help minimise the damage done by conventional leather bags.

At the Swiss Impact Store, you will find a collection of fun and practical, eco-friendly bags. They are available in stylish colours, refined textures, and groovy prints. And there is a variety of sizes to suit everyone’s needs.

Let’s discuss why leather bags are bad for the environment and why sustainable bags are good.

Leather damages the planet, unlike sustainable bags

Leather designer bags may be a sign of luxury for some people, but they do more damage to the environment than you could imagine. Here are a few eye-opening facts related to the many ways leather bags are hurting our planet:

    • Many people think that leather is a byproduct of the meat industry. But the truth is far from that. Each year, 290 million cows are slaughtered solely for their hide. The figure is bound to rise to 430 million by 2025.
  • For every 3 kg of leather tanned, 1 kilogram of chemicals is dumped in the oceans.
  • 17,000 litres of water is consumed to produce every kg of leather.
  • Animals raised for their hides don’t get the same legal protection or rights as other animals. They undergo painful medical procedures, often without anaesthesia.
  • Animal ranching is responsible for 80% of deforestation in the Amazon rainforests.
  • Workers in tanning factories are 50% more at risk of pancreatic cancer due to constant chemical exposure.

The facts are pretty horrible, aren’t they?

Here’s what you can do to minimise your contribution to them:

  • Avoid buying leather goods; use leather alternatives.
  • If you need to, buy second-hand or recycled leather bags.
  • Take good care of your leather products so they last longer, and you don’t need to buy more.
  • Purchase sustainable bags from the Swiss Impact Store to reduce your carbon footprint.

What are sustainable bags made up of?

There are numerous eco-friendly alternatives to leather that look gorgeous as a bag. Some of your best options are :

Piñatex bags from pineapple

Piñatex comes from pineapple leaf fibres. It is organic and environmentally safe but also provides extra income opportunities to local farmers.

Want to buy the most elegant Piñatex bags? Check out the Moscow Piñatex clutch bag by 1People.

Organic cotton and waxed canvas

Another plant-based leather alternative is cotton or canvas. Its wax coating makes it water and weather-resistant and leather’s close counterpart. But not every cotton bag you buy is organic. Make sure to double-check.

The Monte Carlo Organic Tote Bag is eco-friendly, chic, and practical.

Paper leather bags

It may surprise a few people, but paper makes the best sustainable bags. Paper bags can be just as solid and practical when purposefully manufactured and designed as a typical leather bag. Don’t believe us? Check out this washable paper tote bag made of paper leather in a stunning rose gold colour.

Grape or wine leather

It is vegan, eco-friendly, and smells divine! Wine leather is made from grape peels and seeds. Its natural hues are wine, Bordeaux, blush, burgundy, etc., but it can be dyed and printed to look like genuine leather. Check out this Grape Leather backpack MAXI.

Ready to stop wearing dead animal skin in the name of fashion? Shop from Swiss Impact Store’s collection of sustainable bags to complete your planet-friendly wardrobe.