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Ethical Bedding

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Our goal is to help make our customers more comfortable, whilst also making the planet more comfortable. That's why all products are earth-friendly, skin-friendly and cruelty-free.

Plus we make regular, meaningful charitable donations to World Wildlife Fund and various environmental sustainability initiatives.

Cotton uses a huge amount of water, damages natural habitats, directly hurts animals and pollutes our planet. All to create the stuff we sleep in. That isn't fair.

We prefer to leave things better than how we found them, so our bedding is made differently:

  • Doesn't hurt the planet when we make it
  • Improves your sleep quality when you use it
  • Won't pollute the planet when you're finished with it




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Discover Ethical Bedding

Ethical Bedding was created with a mission to help make you and the planet more comfortable. Ethical Bedding’s products are designed to be more than just sustainable and luxurious, develop a feeling of comfort and wellbeing while helping nature thrive. That’s why all the bedding is eco-friendly, skin-friendly, and cruelty-free.

After two years of relentless struggles, Ethical Bedding claims to have created the most sustainable luxury bedding range on the market, which doesn’t harm the planet when it’s made. It is designed to last a lifetime and significantly improves your sleep quality when used.

From their raw materials and packaging to manufacturing methods and processes, Ethical Bedding aims to challenge the perception of how businesses can and should operate.

So…what’s so special about Ethical Bedding?

Their signature is in the sustainably sourced raw material. Ethical Bedding’s duvets, bed sheets, pillows, and toppers are made of renewable eucalyptus.

What does this mean?

Their eucalyptus trees are grown in biodiverse forests protected by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The eucalyptus wood is first turned into a fiber, then dissolved into a viscous cellulose solution. The fiber is spun into yarn and ready for weaving by their family-owned manufacturing partners.

Their production process was awarded the Environmental Award by the European Union and is also OEKO-TEX certified to the highest standard. Turning eucalyptus wood into fiber has a significantly lower environmental impact than cotton. 95% less water, less energy, and zero herbicides or pesticides compared with 2’000 toxic chemicals used in cotton production.

Moreover, eucalyptus is far more hygienic, naturally hypoallergenic, and softer than cotton. All their fabric is woven for the perfect drape and feel of luxury with peace of mind.


Ethical Bedding is dedicated to the total transparency within the supply chain and the environmental impact assessment every step of the way. The tailors are paid a high wage and work in excellent conditions regularly checked.

Plus, they make regular, meaningful charitable donations to the World Wildlife Fund and other various environmental sustainability initiatives.
All of Ethical Bedding’s packaging is minimalistic and made from recycled materials. Their Bedding is nearly all biodegradable and can be easily disposed of when they are no longer usable. They choose a carbon-neutral delivery option whenever possible.

Ethical Bedding is the only bedding company certified B Corp and approved by the Vegan Society. Additionally, they plant trees for every purchase and donate at least 1% of their annual revenue to global sustainable initiatives.

Ethical Bedding’s FAQs

Does Ethical Bedding ship to my country?

Ethical Bedding delivers throughout Europe, the US, and Canada. Depending on your location, it may take up to 11 business days to deliver your order.

More details can be found here or under the Store Policies tab on the Ethical Bedding’s store page.

How did Swiss Impact Store select Ethical Bedding?

Swiss Impact Store selects eco-friendly brands that meet the needs of the present for the benefit of our future. We evaluate each of our partners with an extensive assessment and analyze their sustainable practices. We use our sustainability scale, which can be found here.