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Sustainable accessories ideas that are a must-have!

Remember Diana’s iconic black revenge dress. Would it look as ravishing as it did if she had not worn the mesmerizing pearl choker with it? Accessories have the power to make or break an outfit. But when they are made of toxic materials, they have the power to pollute our environment too. That is where sustainable accessories come in.

Since people started taking fast fashion’s perils seriously, sustainability has become a buzzword. So much so that it has become a challenge to find genuinely eco-friendly accessory brands that don’t just use the term as a marketing tactic.

Swiss Impact Store understands the troubles a conscious buyer has to go through to buy the finest ethical accessories. So here is our list of the best sustainable fashion accessories you need to add to your wardrobe today!

Find your sustainable hair accessories on Swiss Impact Store

Who doesn’t have a soft spot for hair accessories? They are pretty, plus they are so easy to swap with their eco-friendly kin.

And the ones on SIS’s sustainable accessories page are something else. They breathe life into your updos and are a treat to your hair. Unlike harsh rubber ties, they don’t tug on your hair and help keep the frizz away.

We also have the scarf-scrunchie by Nimboo made in 100% GOTS-certified organic peace silk. They look absolutely ethereal! And the cherry on top: they are woven in organic, cruelty-free silk and use only natural and vegan dyes. So you don’t have to worry about turning the world into a wasteland.

But that is not even the best part. With prices as low as 54 CHF, these eco-friendly scrunchies are an absolute steal. *adds to cart instantly*

Sustainable sleepwear accessories

You may not pay much heed to your night eye mask, but the diva in you needs one that is soft, comfortable, and exerts just the right pressure on your eyes. Throw in eco-friendly materials, and you have the recipe for a peaceful, no-guilt sleep.

The eco-friendly eye masks at SIS make the perfect sustainable travel accessories. They are soft as a feather, block all extra light, and the prints are a treat to the eyes. Plus, you get to choose between so many colors.

We are not drooling. You are!

Choose a kimono to complete your outfit with sustainable accessories

We bet you have never seen a kimono styling go wrong! They are luxurious and classy and bring life to an everyday outfit instantly. Pair them with your old jeans and top, and you are sure to turn quite a lot of heads!

And when you get them from SIS, they are a priceless addition to your sustainable accessories haul. With several varieties in prints, lengths, fabrics, and styles, these organic kimonos will add oomph to all your summer outfits.

Here are a few ways you can flaunt the pieces from the top sustainable accessory brands at SIS:

  • Add flare to your pencil jeans and skinny top
  • Wear over wide-leg jeans or palazzos for extra sophistication
  • Style over swimsuits to add glamor and modesty
  • Carryover maxis or dresses for an extra layer
  • Cinch at the waist for a refined silhouette

Look at our selection of sustainable scarves

They go around the neck, over the head, in your braids, and even around your body as a top. If someone asks what’s the most versatile accessory, scarves win by quite a margin.

But that shouldn’t mean that you go off to buy any scarf. The ordinary ones punch holes in the ozone layer in their making and use toxic dyes that end up in our water bodies. Your best bet is the cruelty-free, silk, 100% organic, and eco-friendly ones in SIS’s sustainable accessories section.

So are you ready to spruce up your look with guilt-free and planet-friendly fashion? Swiss Impact Store’s sustainable accessories have got you covered!