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Scarf Artisanale Camille


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Hand spun and hand woven scarf in Ladakh wool and Cashmere, an invitation to voyage, made of natural dyes- indigo and marigold flower.

This scarf is a ‘stole’, that is to say long and thin. It is handwoven on the hills of the Himalayas with exceptional yarns also spun by hand: wool from Ladakh and Cashmere from the famous goat of the high plateaus. This ancestral process generates irregularities that give it a unique charm. Beyond its exceptional softness, it is the intensity of colours that will amaze you for natural dyes from waste flowers of Hindu temples.

Maintenance Advice :

Dry Cleaning

Item composition

Fair salary for craftsman: The Social Criterion Is Taken Into Account Throughout The Production Process So That Farmers And Artisans Are Paid Decently.

Natural dyes: For Our Natural, Pesticide-Free Dyes, We Use The Flowers Thrown Every Day By The Hindu Temples. Our Textile Products Are Therefore Gentle On Your Skin And On The Planet.

Natural fibers: We Have Chosen To Use Mainly Natural Fibers (Linen, Cotton, Silk). Natural Fibers Break Down Easily In Soil And Do Not Give Off Dangerous Chemicals While Doing So.

Low water consumption: We Recycle Our Used Water And Use The Leftovers (See Our Bags And Our Notebook). With Means Of Production That Use A Minimum Of Water Or By Using Fabric Scraps, We Reduce Waste.

Low Carbon Footprint: We Have Worked With Experts To Minimize Our Carbon Footprint.

Empower women: We Have Chosen To Work In India With Rural Women United In Cooperatives And With Certain Structures Headed By Women In Order To Provide Them With Work.

Dimensions 200 × 36 cm



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Shipping only in Europe

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