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Avani Apparel

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Avenue de Florimont 9, 1006 Lausanne, Switzerland

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For us, fashion is above all a question of elegance: feminine, timeless clothes which we want you to be able to wear for a long time, all the time. We have opted for small collections with permanent styles, so that you can always find your favourite pieces. Designed by craftswomen with irreproachable know-how, our creations are wardrobe essentials with refined details. Since we aspire to consume less but better, we always give preference to quality rather than quantity to propose stylish clothes that are both beautiful and responsible. We work in small quantities in order to limit stocks as much as possible, and we have great flexibility to replenish quickly since we produce next door.




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Discover Avani Apparel

For Avani Apparel, fashion is, above all, a question of elegance. The brand offers feminine, timeless wardrobe essentials for women designed to last through the seasons, with a few seasonal styles added to the permanent collections so that you can always find your favorite items. In order to avoid overproduction, clothes are produced in small quantities to keep stock at a minimum and make more only when necessary.

Reinforced by a desire for absolute transparency and a trustworthy relationship with their clients, Avani Apparel’s production processes and the origin of raw materials are no longer a secret to you. Their sustainable fashion items are only designed and produced by local craftswomen within a 190 km radius of Geneva, Switzerland, where their physical store is based. They have forged strong ties with the people involved in producing their items who are passionate about their profession with irreproachable know-how. The quality of life and workplace safety of craftswomen are essential to the brand.

Moreover, their items are easily traceable as there are only two intermediaries between raw materials suppliers and local artisans. Having few parties involved in the supply chain allows the brand to have control over their manufacturing processes, ensure fair wages and righteous working conditions for all of their partners, and reduce the carbon footprint from their supply chain.

Responsible Sourcing

The brand believes that no compromises have to be made when choosing between style and nature, as fashion items are even more beautiful when they are eco-friendly.

Avani Apparel only works with natural organic materials (linen, hemp, Tencel® or Lenzing modal®) coming from sustainably managed forests without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers, minimizing the consumption of water, energy, air, and soil.

Besides, they are using low-impact dyes which don’t contain any heavy metals or toxic chemicals. Every garment is made of single materials without any synthetic fibers containing plastic. For the ease of textile recycling at the end of their lifespan, the items are designed without zippers. The brand went even further in its commitment to providing genuinely sustainable clothes using French boxwood and Italian milk casein to create buttons for their items. Avani Apparel claims that the imagination is unleashed by constraints to solving practical problems by finding new creative ways to use scarce resources for a sustainable lifestyle.

Recognized Certifications

As an environmentally committed brand, Avani Apparel strives for full traceability; therefore, their linen fibers are GOTS certified. It guarantees the organic quality of the textiles from naturally sourced raw materials to a finished product, including sustainable transformation and dyeing processes. Although Tencel® and Lenzing® Modal aren’t recognized as organic fabric by GOTS, their fibers also come from durably managed forest plantations. The dyes are certified by the world’s best-known label, OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, which guarantees that none of Avani Apparel’s textiles contain harmful substances and are safe for you and the planet.

Avani Apparel’s FAQs

Does Avani Apparel ship to my country?

Avani Apparel offers free delivery for orders above 250 CHF. Depending on your location, it may take up to 5 business days to deliver your order—Avani Apparel ships within Europe.

More details can be found here or under the Store Policies tab on Avani Apparel’s store page.

How did Swiss Impact Store select Avani Apparel?

Swiss Impact Store selects eco-friendly brands that meet the needs of the present for the benefit of our future. We evaluate each of our partners with an extensive assessment and analyze their sustainable practices. We use our sustainability scale, which can be found here.