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It’s Time To Ditch Leather Bags And Get Ethical Bags For Men Instead!

With leather as the primary offender, the bag industry has harmed the environment more than the entire apparel sector. The manufacturing process of these bags puts our environment, forests, waterways, and animal life in grave danger.

So, environmental activists came up with ethical men’s bags that don’t hurt the environment as much as traditional leather bags.

You may find a variety of fashionable and helpful sustainable bags for men at the Swiss Impact Store. They come in hip prints, sophisticated textures, and trendy colors. Additionally, a range of sizes is available to meet everyone’s needs.

Let’s talk about the adverse environmental effects of leather bags and the benefits of ethical men’s bags.

Unlike ethical bags, leather harms the environment.

Although some may view leather designer bags as a symbol of luxury, it’s impossible to overstate the harm these bags cause to the environment. Here are some startling statistics about the several ways leather purses harm our planet:

  • Leather is frequently thought of as a byproduct of the meat business. But that is far from the truth. 290 million cows are killed each year just for their hides. By 2025, the number will undoubtedly increase to 430 million.
  • One kilogram of chemical waste is discharged into the water for every 3 kg of tanned leather.
  • For every kilogram of leather produced, 17,000 gallons of water are used.
  • The same legal protections and rights that apply to other animals do not apply to animals reared for their hides. They go through gruelling medical procedures frequently without being sedated.
  • 80% of the Amazon rainforest’s deforestation results from animal husbandry.
  • Due to continual chemical exposure, tanning factory workers have a 50% increased risk of developing pancreatic cancer.

The truths are appalling, aren’t they?

You can reduce your involvement with them by doing the following:

  • Use leather substitutes instead of buying leather products.
  • Buy used or recycled leather bags if you must.
  • Take proper care of your leather items to extend their lifespan and reduce the need for replacements.
  • Get eco-friendly men’s bags from the Swiss Impact Store to lessen your carbon footprint.

What materials do ethical men’s bags contain?

Many eco-friendly leather substitutes look stunning in a bag. Your top choices for eco-friendly bags for men include:

Pineapple-based Pinatex bags

Pineapple leaf fibres are the source of pinatex. Ethical men’s bags made from Pinatex are natural and safe for the environment, but they also give nearby farmers a chance to earn more.

Waxed canvas and organic cotton

Cotton or canvas can be used as a substitute for leather made from plants. Its wax coating makes it weather- and water-resistant, making it a close substitute for leather. However, not all cotton bags you purchase are ethical. Make sure to check their sourcing and agricultural process.

Leather-like paper bags

Paper makes the finest ethical bags for men, which may surprise some people. Paper bags can be just as durable and functional as leather bags if they are built and designed well. Don’t trust us? Check out this stunning Buffalo Paper Leather Backpack constructed of paper leather.

Wine or grape leather

It smells fantastic, is vegan, and is environmentally friendly. Grape seeds and skins are used to make wine leather. In its natural state, it has colors like wine, Bordeaux, blush, burgundy, and others, but it may also be dyed and printed to resemble genuine leather.

Are you prepared to give up wearing the skin of dead animals for fashion? To complete your eco-friendly outfit, choose from the ethical men’s bags offered by the Swiss Impact Store.