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8 Sustainable Shoes That Are A Treat To Your Feet

Finding the perfect pair of shoes may be the most difficult task on the planet. Some don’t fit, and others are too hard on your feet. Plus, there are different styles for festive and casual occasions. You just can’t get them right, can you?
We feel you, and we’ve been there too. After trying thousands of “apparently” flawless pairs, we have listed eight of our favourite women’s sustainable shoes below.
They are comfortable, versatile, eco-friendly, ethically sourced, and tough enough to last you half a decade. So behold our top picks from women’s sustainable shoes collection here at SIS.

Casual Sustainable Shoes For Women

Wear them at home or while running a quick errand outdoors. These casual women’s eco-friendly shoes match seamlessly with all kinds of outfits and are comfortable.

Fall in love with casual black sandals

This classy pair comes in two colours; Charcoal and Canela. The double-strap free-toe style is best for long walks or short trips to the store nearby. Wear them with the Tokyo Pinatex Tote Bag in a matching colour to turn heads while you run groceries.

Comfy slippers to go everywhere

The eco-suede inner lining feels like a treat against the skin, and the loose fit straps gave our feet the freedom they needed after a day’s labour.
Plus, since these slippers are made by recycling discarded sole material, they are morally in line with our values and unbelievably light on the pocket, like our Portonovi VEGEA Slippers.

Work-Wear Ethical Women’s Shoes

These pairs of women’s sustainable shoes look like they mean business and provide all the support you need to chase those dreams!

Our vegan mules shoes

Regarding sustainable shoes for women, the Cairo Mules are our top picks. From insoles to the 1 cm heels, everything is made up of eco-friendly, sustainable, and ethical materials. And the two versatile colours make them a staple in your sustainable wardrobe.

Durable Flat Shoes

Do you want to look professional without losing your delicate, feminine side? We have just the shoes! Elegant on the outside and comfortable on the inside – the Cannes Sling Back Shoes are essential for every working woman.

Cape Town Ballerina Flats

Race to work meetings, grab a quick cup of coffee, and juggle between tasks with ease. These ballerina flat shoes provide all the support you need to take the reins of your life.

Sports-Wear Sustainable Shoes For Women

Want to go for a quick morning run? Get sustainable sports shoes and make your running count with our grape leather classic sneakers.
The versatile pair of sneakers can double down as casual shoes or ones you can wear for jogging. They are comfortable, durable, and look fab!

Party-Wear Sustainable Women’s Shoes

We all need a fierce pair of heels to match our party moods. Don’t worry; SiS has a pair for every occasion.

Back High Heels for every occasion

They’re glamorous, they’re comfortable, and they are super sustainable! The Vegas Suede Heels are perfect for a night out at the bar, a romantic first date, or whenever you need to make a statement.

Short black heels made of Pinatex

Not all of us are comfortable wearing sky-high heels. Some of us feel sexy without exaggerated height. These heels are the right fit for them, plus they are versatile enough to keep you covered on weddings, official dinners, dates, and parties.

Who runs the world? Girls!
And what helps girls run? The fabulous women’s sustainable shoes at the Swiss Impact Store! Get your pair now!