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  • Buy Mido Made's All Natural Body Lotion Bar Coconut-Vanilla-Spice to moisturize your skin with gentle scent of nature. Handmade in Zurich ♡ online impact store switzlerland

    Body Lotion Bar – Coconut-Vanilla-Spice

    Almond oil, Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Shea butter Shipping only in Switzerland

    Handmade, all natural Body Lotion Bar (Coconut, Vanilla, Spice)

    A delicious blend of natural oils, such as Almond, Coconut, and Jojoba. Our handmade lotion will deeply moisturize your body, hand, and face, leaving your skin feeling soft and silky with the gentle scent of nature.

    CHF22.00 incl. Tax
  • Mido Made's Fairtrade Organic Shea Butter with essential oils, sea salt and shea butter. 100% natural body scrub handmade in Zurich online impact store switzerland

    Fairtrade Organic Shea Butter 100 gr.

    Shea butter Shipping only in Switzerland

    Organic Fairtrade Shea Butter 100 gr.

    This 100 gram pack of Fairtrade Organic Shea Butter is high quality, unrefined, and pure will leave you with silky, soft skin. What’s more: it’s also a produce of an aid project for local women in Ghana.

    CHF11.50 incl. Tax
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