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Design An Eco-Friendly Gym Room With Sustainable Sports Equipment

Having a corner or room dedicated to fitness sports in your home makes staying healthy more convenient. Imagine not having to leave your house for an intense workout session or a calm yoga routine.

But keeping the planet healthy is just as important (if not more) as keeping yourself fit. Conventional gym gear is full of harmful plastics, is manufactured unethically, and consumes tons of energy.

Did you know? PVC, used to make yoga mats, is the most environmentally damaging plastic in the world. It contributes to the destruction of the ozone layer, pollutes the air, water, and land, and causes several health issues in living beings. Dioxin is a component of PVC yoga mats and is said to be the most poisonous chemical ever produced.

But you don’t want your gym room to be a toxic place! Whether you are a basketball fan, a yoga enthusiast, or a passionate bodybuilder – designing a sports corner in your home using sustainable sports equipment is easy.

Here are 7 simple ideas to fill your gym room with sustainable sports gear and make it greener, safer, and more eco-friendly.

Incorporate Natural Interior Decor

The most modern interior decor trend is to include natural materials like wood, stone, and plants within your indoor spaces. The affinity to nature is aesthetic, improves mood, boosts productivity, and is beneficial to the environment. Switch plastic furnishing with wooden, wicker, or metal. Similarly, choose Green-Seal-authorized paint that releases minimum VOCs and minimises indoor air pollution.

Switch PVC Yoga Mats With Biodegradable

Sustainable sports gear like the biodegradable mat by KOA Yoga keeps you in shape without damaging the planet. The mat offers superior stability, support, and absorbance while you break a sweat while doing tricky yoga poses. The natural rubber base and planet-friendly polyurethane top ensure that your exercise routine is guilt-free.

Choose Sustainable Sports Gear For Your Athleisure Wardrobe

When you live a conscious lifestyle, choosing sustainability over fashion becomes necessary. While selecting your athleisure wardrobe, go for eco-friendly fabrics, ethical manufacturing, and responsible sourcing. Here are our favourite sustainable sports gear garments that have all three:

  • Crop Top: The Portland Open Back Crop Top is super-comfortable and ultra-stylish. Elegant cuts and stretchable back bands make it a trendy and practical choice for all fitness fashionistas.
  • Leggings: What shouts more luxury than suede? The Suede Effect Deluxe Sports Leggings by KOA Yoga are velvety-soft, warm, stretchy, and chic.
  • Tank Top: The Arise Long Sports Tank saves 6 plastic bottles from ending up in landfills. In a world overflowing with single-use disposable bottles, this tank top is easily our favourite sustainable sports equipment. Plus, the fabric is comfortable, opaque, and stretchable, and the shape is incredible.
  • Sports Bra: There’s nothing worse than skipping a rope in an unsupportive bra. The BUNI Econyl® SPORTS BRA ensures you never encounter the worst-case scenario. The material is stretchable, non-see-through, and provides suitable compression to keep you comfortable. Wear it with or without pads – the bra suits cups of all sizes!

Hang Eco-Friendly Towels In The Change Room

A green gym room is incomplete if it does not have a changing room with a sustainable towel. The Eco Travel Towel by lullevibeslv is made from 17 recycled plastic bottles and removes almost 0.3 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere. Plus, it is travel-friendly and comes with a pouch to bring it to any outdoor adventure you are planning.

Available in several designs, this towel is essential sustainable sports equipment.

Your gym room is somewhere you go to bring out the best in yourself. Get sustainable sports equipment from the Swiss Impact Store to ensure you don’t hurt the environment while taking care of your body.