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What Is The Difference Between Sustainable Tops And Blouses?

Have you decided what you will wear to work tomorrow? Is it going to be that cute top you bought some time ago or that sophisticated blouse you’ve developed a liking for?

But why do you call one top and the other a blouse? There must be something that sets them apart, whether you think about it or not. Let’s discuss those differences here and clear this confusion once and for all.

But before we move ahead, let’s clarify that since the Swiss Impact Store is an eco-friendly marketplace, we only cater to ethical fashion. So we will strictly discuss “sustainable” tops and blouses only. And also give you recommendations based on our favourite ones.

So let’s get started!

What Are Sustainable Tops?

The term “top” is a general one. It refers to everything and anything you may wear on your body’s upper portion. It includes shirts, t-shirts, camisoles, tunics, kaftans, sweaters, peplums, turtlenecks, and countless styles of eco-friendly tops and blouses.

In simpler words, tops are a category of garments instead of an individual style. Want to check out the hottest sustainable tops and blouses from our collection? Keep reading for our favourite picks.

What Are Sustainable Blouses?

A blouse is a more feminine top, usually more polished, and looks dressier. Also, these are commonly more fitted than a relaxed button-down shirt.

Blouses were a staple in the Victorian and Edwardian eras. Women of all statures wore them with skirts and extremely tight corsets. Think of the wardrobe in “Pride And Prejudice” or the more recent “Bridgerton.”

But sustainable blouses have come a long way since then. They are now incredibly versatile, trendy, and more comfortable. You can choose from materials that range from organic cotton to ethical silk and even leather alternatives.

Plus, the styles these days are never-ending. You can pick slim, loose, floaty, peplum, or A-line. They may close at the front or back with buttons, zippers, or other fasteners. Similarly, they can be plain, patterned, embellished, or embroidered.

Miscellaneous: What Are Sustainable Shirts?

Now that you’ve covered ethical tops and blouses, it is also a good idea to learn a bit about sustainable shirts. These are more relaxed and usually straight-fit button-downs, perfect for a formal look. There are several casual-wear shirts, too, but they still follow the same theme: collars, cuffs, buttons, and straight cuts.

The eco-friendly materials include organic cotton, linen, silk, or regenerated cellulose.

Our Favourite Eco-friendly Tops And Blouses

Here are our top picks for every occasion from the sustainable tops and blouses categories:

A Timeless Top For Work

The Prague Organic Cotton Poplin Collar Shirt is elegant, grand, and stylish. The collared neckline, gathered sleeves, button cuffs, and luxurious organic fabric will set you apart at work with your royal taste in sustainable tops and blouses.

A Stunning Shirt For A More Relaxed Day

What better than a comfortable, relaxed shirt on a bright and cheery day? The Cap Ferret TENCEL™ Long Sleeves Shirt is a woman’s best friend for a simple everyday look. Wear it for a shopping trip with friends or a secluded walk in the park.

Glam Up In A Wrap-Over Top

The Swiss Impact Store has sustainable tops and blouses for every event. Ondate nights, bring out the diva in you with the stunning Séquoia Wrap-over Top. Made with the softest ethical material TENCEL®, this French-made delicacy will serve you best with stylish linen pants and a pair of elegant high heels.

Shopping for sustainable tops and blouses is best when you know you can trust your provider. Head to Swiss Impact Store aims for a reliable conscious shopping experience.