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Eco-friendly Night Masks For A Good Night’s Sleep

Night masks are fantastic and deserve all the love. They are a lifesaver when you need to get a power nap during a busy flight or when you lie restless in bed. Purchasing an ethical night mask also aids in conservation efforts.

You cannot imagine sleeping comfortably without a night mask. But there are drawbacks to making impulsive clothing purchases. The world’s landfills are already full. Would you want to be the one to contribute another tonne of trash to them? We’ve compiled a list of what we look for in a sustainable, sanitary, and eco-friendly night mask.

Eco-friendly Night Masks Use Natural Materials

Polyester, nylon, and acrylic are plastic-based polymers that are not biodegradable. They have been sitting in our landfills for decades. Imagine yourself atop a mountain of plastic waste. Because that is what would happen if we did not stop producing garbage that nature cannot naturally decompose.

But an eco-friendly night mask is one of a kind. It’s created with eco-friendly, biodegradable elements that will return to the earth after a short time. It helps complete the soil-making process naturally while also freeing up landfill space.

Sustainable night masks may be crafted from a wide variety of eco-friendly materials, including natural fibres like hemp, organic cotton, ethical linen, silk, and virtuous wool, as well as recycled synthetics and semi-natural textiles.


  • Do you consciously use many raw materials to make your eco-friendly night mask?
  • Does it take a lot of water or power to process?
  • Do they release potentially hazardous substances into the atmosphere?

No, your “eco-friendly” night mask isn’t eco-friendly if you responded yes to any of the above questions. Production facilities that employ zero-waste policies recycle or use all scraps. Since they rely on and correctly maintain natural materials, they also utilise fewer resources. The Eye Mask Organic Silk Rouge-Gorge is made entirely from organic materials, down to the dyes used.

It’s Right and Just to Wear Eco-friendly Night Masks

Child labour and deplorable working conditions are more widespread than you may assume. Several people who work in the fashion industry in underdeveloped nations have lost their lives because of the dangerous conditions in which they were forced to labour. Ethical night masks fight back against the brutal fashion industry.

There is openness in the supply chain, all employees are treated fairly, and working conditions are safe. The companies that make sustainable night masks also give those in need—including members of minority groups and those without regular incomes—a chance to work and support themselves.

They Have a Prolonged Lifespan

Part of fast fashion is that clothes should be purchased in large quantities and worn only a few times before being discarded. Your wasteful discards wind up in landfills and contribute to their congestion. By contrast, sustainable fashion encourages you to invest in an article of clothing and continue to use it for as long as possible.

You can wear an eco-friendly night mask for years. It’s made from fabrics that won’t wear out. Give the Organic Short Mésange Kimono some thought. You may wear it for years and never grow tired because it complements many outfits.

Will you make the switch to an eco-friendly night mask? Save the planet and your wallet simultaneously by shopping at the Swiss Impact Store.