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It’s Time To Break The Norms And Start Wearing Eco-Friendly Mini Bags!

With leather being the main problem, the bags industry has done more damage to the environment than the entire apparel industry. How conventional bags are made is very bad for our environment, forests, waterways, and animal life.

So, people who care about the environment came up with eco-friendly mini bags that are more ethical and sustainable than leather bags.

At the Swiss Impact Store, you can find many stylish and functional eco-friendly mini bags. They come in cool colours, cool prints, and terrific textures. Also, they come in different sizes to meet everyone’s needs.

Let’s talk about the bad things that leather bags do to the environment and the good things that eco-friendly mini bags do.

Leather Bags Hurt The Environment, But Eco-Friendly Mini Bags Don’t

Some people see leather designer bags as a sign of wealth, but it’s impossible to say enough about how bad they are for the environment. Here are some shocking facts about how leather bags hurt our planet in many ways:

  • People often think of leather as something that comes from the meat business. But that’s not true at all. Every year, 290 million cows are killed just for their skins. By 2025, the number will be 430 million.
  • For every 3 kg of leather that is tanned, 1 kilogram of chemical waste is dumped into the water.
  • It takes 17,000 gallons of water to make one kilogram of leather.
    Animals raised for their hides do not have the same protections and rights under the law as other animals. They often go through painful medical procedures without being put to sleep.
  • Animal farming is responsible for 80% of the loss of trees in the Amazon rainforest.
  • Because they are constantly exposed to chemicals, people who work in tanning factories have a 50% higher chance of getting pancreatic cancer.

The truth is horrible, isn’t it?

You can play a part in righting these wrongs with them by doing these things:

  • Use alternatives to leather.
  • If you have to, buy used or re-used leather bags.
  • If you take good care of your leather items, they will last longer, and you won’t have to buy as many new ones.

Fortunately, the Swiss Impact Store has a wide range of eco-friendly mini bags that are stylish and ultra-modern, like the Mini London Piñatex® Cross Body Bag.

What Are Eco-Friendly Mini Bags Made Of?

Many leather alternatives that are better for the environment look great in a bag. Some of the best options for eco-friendly mini bags are:

Pineapple-based Pinatex bags

Pinatex is made from the fibres of pineapple leaves. Eco-friendly mini bags made from Pinatex are natural and safe for the environment. They also give local farmers a chance to make more money. The Sydney Pinatex Handbag is a good example.

Waxed Canvas And Organic Cotton

You can use cotton or canvas instead of leather made from plants. It doesn’t get wet or dirty because of the wax coating, which makes it a good substitute for leather. But not all cotton bags you buy are fair trade. Check the source and agricultural methods.

Leather-like paper bags

Some people may be surprised to learn that paper makes the best eco-friendly mini bags. If they are built and made well, paper bags can be just as durable and functional as leather bags.

Grape leather or wine

It smells great, is vegan, and is suitable for the environment. Wine leather is made from the skins and seeds of grapes. It can be wine, Bordeaux, blush, burgundy, and other colours in its natural state, but it can also be dyed and printed to look like genuine leather.

Are you willing to stop wearing the skins of animals that have died for fashion? Choose one of the eco-friendly mini bags from the Swiss Impact Store to finish off your green and clean outfit.