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Temple Flowers Scarf Mauve


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Our Chanderi scarf fabric is sourced from the lovely town in Madhya Pradesh, India where this finest weave first originated. This hand woven scarf is then dyed with colours found in nature, their colours splattered across the surface. Mauve from temple rose waste is the primary colour essence used, along with hints of sprinkled sappanwood & madder. In the morning light, we see the brightest colour images emerge from this scarf, reminiscent of its upcycled journey from the rural towns, temples and colours found in nature.

Maintenance Advice :

Gentle washing by hand 30-40°is the best for the scarf’s soul. Give it some respite from sunlight, and dry in shade. Definitely, do not bleach! Natural dyes may run or fade slightly with time, but the compliments you receive for this natural beauty, last a lifetime. 

Item composition

Fair salary for craftsman: The Social Criterion Is Taken Into Account Throughout The Production Process So That Farmers And Artisans Are Paid Decently.

Natural dyes: For Our Natural, Pesticide-Free Dyes, We Use The Flowers Thrown Every Day By The Hindu Temples. Our Textile Products Are Therefore Gentle On Your Skin And On The Planet.

Natural fibers: We Have Chosen To Use Mainly Natural Fibers (Linen, Cotton, Silk). Natural Fibers Break Down Easily In Soil And Do Not Give Off Dangerous Chemicals While Doing So.

Low water consumption: We Recycle Our Used Water And Use The Leftovers (See Our Bags And Our Notebook). With Means Of Production That Use A Minimum Of Water Or By Using Fabric Scraps, We Reduce Waste.

Low carbon footprint: We Have Worked With Experts To Minimize Our Carbon Footprint.

Traceable from start to finish: We Have Followed The Trace Of The Product To The Raw Materials In Order To Trace Our Value Chain And To Be Socially Responsible From Its Creation.

Empower women: We Have Chosen To Work In India With Rural Women United In Cooperatives And With Certain Structures Headed By Women In Order To Provide Them With Work.

Dimensions 190 × 85 cm


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Shipping only in Europe


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