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Aloha Glow Frangipani Pulse Perfume Roll-On 10ml


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Light Sweetness with Aloha Glow Frangipani Pulse Perfume Roll-On 10ml

This is a 100% natural product. Frangipani Scent

Frangipani is one of the most beautiful flowers out there, considering home South America and exotic islands such as Bali. The smell of Frangipani is delicate, owning its light sweetness and memorable impression.

The flowers shine bright from spring to autumn, and range from pure white to golden-yellow petals. You might often see them floating in the air, being worn as an accessory in the hair, or inside upscale beauty products.

We recommend to use this pulse perfume (but not limited to) during the night, as it creates a magical connexion with the fresh, mysterious evening breezes.

Product Details:

Packaging: Glass bottle 10ml + steel roll-on ball

Validity: 2 years after opening.

How to use:

We recommend applying the pulse perfume in areas with a strong blood flow, such as:

  • Inside of your wrists;
  • Outside of your palm (deeply hydrating);
  • Elbow creases;
  • Neck;
  • Behind the ears;
  • Nail cuticles (deeply hydrating);

In traffic jams

  • Stuck in the slow Swiss 5PM-traffic? Brighten up your day by using the pulse perfume on your wrists, exterior side of your hand and nail cuticles. The delicate scent will definitely make your busy day better.

Always in your purse

  • One great thing about this pulse perfume is that it’s tiny, so it will not take loads of space in your purse or bag. You can take it literally anywhere with you.

Before sleep

  • Don’t hesitate to add some nice rolls on your hands and neck before going to sleep. The smell is very delicate, not at all intoxicating like normal perfumes, hence a great companion to sleepland.

My Mood

Rokai‘s mission is to get rid of all non-natural ingredients in your body oils, cosmetic products and candles. So the life formula around Rokai is easy: Nature Fanatics with Humble Souls & Funky Hearts.

More fragrances can be found in Health & Beauty/Fragrances.

Item composition

Ingredients/INCI: Fractionated Coconut Oil/Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Frangipani Absolute/Parfum.

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Shipping only in Europe

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