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Why are ethical beauty products the next big hit in the beauty industry?

It has been more than a decade since we started putting some thought into our beauty products’ ingredients.

Does your lipstick contain lead? Could your hair treatments cause cancer? Is the talc in your skincare products harmful?
Those were the common questions that evolved conventional beauty products into clean, non-toxic ones. But then, we started realizing the impacts of our apparently non-toxic makeup on our environment, animals, and human community. So much was going wrong!
And after years of improvement, ethical beauty products are now taking the beauty industry by storm. These products are gentle, non-harmful, eco-friendly, and morally sourced.
So, let’s look at these eco-friendly beauty products and how they differ from conventional ones.Ethical beauty products are responsibly sourced

The manufacturers of ethical beauty products don’t just consider what components they use for production but also how their products are manufactured. They ensure their workers get fair wages, labour rights, and healthy working conditions.
Such brands also fight against child labour and slavery in farms growing key ingredients for skincare products, for example, shea nuts, coconut, vanilla, almonds, etc.
Furthermore, companies producing sustainable beauty products help culturally and ethnically marginalised groups by giving them employment and recognition.
An example is the Fairtrade Organic Shea Butter By Mido which is produced as a way to help the women of Ghana.

Ethical beauty products consider animal rights too

Cosmetics and skincare products often contain traces of milk, butter, beeswax, mink hair, and numerous other ingredients coming from animal sources. These ingredients promote non-ethical farming, harvesting, and slaughtering of animals.
Ethical beauty products are not only cruelty-free but also vegan. They use plant-derived components, and no animal is harmed for their processing or testing. And the best part: they are super gentle on your skin and are the least likely to cause a reaction.
The Gentle Vegan Deodorant by Mido uses carnauba wax – a vegan alternative to beeswax.

They follow a zero-waste policy

Did you know? The global beauty industry produces 120 million units of packaging waste every year. The figures are so grave; it’s time we do something about them!

Most of the packaging is rigid, hard-to-recycle, and non-biodegradable plastic. It just adds to the planet’s waste load and never disintegrates. Ethical beauty products come in reusable, refillable, and non-plastic packaging that does not cause pollution.

For instance, the amazing-smelling Rokai candles come in cute little metallic containers that you can use for keeping your tiny essentials once they are empty.

Ethical beauty products conserve resources

Their zero-waste policy doesn’t end with non-plastic packaging. Ethical beauty products use minimal resources and energy in their production. There is a strict check on the water, electricity, and fuel gas consumption during each step of the manufacturing line. Plus, such brands use clean and green energy sources, such as solar systems or wind turbines, to run their plants.
Furthermore, ethical beauty products like the Crocheted Makeup Remover Pads by Mido promote reusability, unlike their disposable variants.

They control their emissions

A study found that the beauty industry is responsible for half of the VOCs emitted in urban cities. VOCs are chemicals released from certain solids and liquids that hurt the environment and contribute to air pollution.
But manufacturers of ethical beauty products control their VOCs and other pollutant production carefully. The emissions from their factories are monitored, filtered, and neutralised before releasing them into the atmosphere.

The future belongs to ethical beauty products. The influencers are promoting them, and celebrities love flaunting them. It’s time for you to head to the Swiss Impact Store to shop for the cleanest, greenest, and most responsible beauty products today!