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Full Body Skin Care Set

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The Best Mido Made Full Body Skin Care Set

Our Full Body Skin Care Set makes for a perfect birthday gift or anytime you want to give a wonderful present to that special one who can’t get enough of skin care.

Product Details:

This Full Body Skin Care set consists of 7 Mido Made products:

  • Fizzy Bath Timeout (360 g): a bath powder with nourishing oils and a seductive scent of oranges, cinnamon, lemongrass and citrus-lavender. The care formula made out of natural almond oil and exquisite organic Fairtrade Shea butter. The Fizzy Bath Timeout is sure to make bathing your favourite part of the day.  A full bath takes about 25-30 grams.

How to Apply the Fizzy Bath Rock Body Powder:

Please read the instructions prior to use. For a full bath it takes about 25-30 grams. You can bathe 15 times with a tablespoon of powder.

  • DMX SEA SALT WITH SHEA BUTTER (200 ml):  The Body Salt is a composition of 3 different salts: Finely ground Himalayan salt, Read sea salt, Italian sea salt.
    – This peeling consists of three different salts: finely ground Himalayan salt, salt from the Red Sea and sea salt from Italy, supplemented with nutritious organic shea butter from the heart of Ghana, working together for a deeply cleansed, beautiful and healthy skin.
    – Thanks to the fine grinding of the salts, this peeling is also suitable for sensitive facial areas.
  • CHT Crystal Himalaya Salt 200ml: composed of moisturizing, purifying and deeply cleansing elements. The salt’s texture is quite delicate, which creates a second skin effect when applied to the skin. Instantly get rid of dead skin cells and dirt with special Himalayan crystal salt. The product is also rich in magnesium that helps muscles to relieve cramps. This Crystal Himalayan Salt Skin Peeling contains more than 80 minerals elements to give balance and inner peace to your body and soul. Enjoy a new skin elasticity that looks 10 years younger.

How to Apply the DMX & CHT Salts:

Moisturize your skin well with warm water. Apply 2 wooden spoons of the Salt Scrub onto face and neck, gently massage with light circular movements for 1-2 minutes. It exfoliates dead skin and opens clogged pores to combat acne and skin blemishes. Rinse off with warm water, pat dry using a clean towel. Frequency: 2-3 times a week. Approx. 15-20 applications are enough.

  • FOOT SPA (200 ml): The Foot Spa helps to prevent the formation of calluses and removes exfoliated skin. It has antibacterial properties that helps to nourish the feet, making foot care fun and uncomplicated, while its moisturizing properties of Shea Butter , Orange Zest and Sea Salt from the Red Sea offer a relaxing feeling throughout the day. The Shea Butter comes from an aid project for women in Ghana.

How to Apply the Foot Spa :

Place your foot into warm water and then stir in two spoons of bath salt. Sit back and relax for about 20 minutes as the water softens the affected areas of the foot. Massage your feet with a few gentle circular movements using a bit of foot bath salt mixture. Then wash with water, gently dry the feet and put on socks. The results will be sure to surprise you! Frequency: once a week. Approx. 15 applications.

  • Deodorant Vegan Lavender 50ml: 100% Natural, vegan deodorant for sensitive skin, with coconut oil and essential oils. With a delicate touch of lavender, this gentle cream is perfect for everyday use. It has been developed to suit all skin types, especially sensitive ones. Aluminium-free deodorant that actually works! This Vegan Deodorant Cream works hard for 48h to keep you protected from odour all day long, so you can feel confident wherever your day takes you.
  • COCONUT-VANILLA SPICE BODY LOTION BAR (75ml) : Experience the rich, creamy lather of natural coconut-vanilla with this hand, body, and face lotion. This delightful lotion penetrates deep to revive, heal & soften your skin, providing intensive moisture and gentle care for your skin.
  • Shampoo soap every type of hair 75ml:  with this innovative formula for all hair types. Fortified with aloe vera, coconut oil, lemongrass fragrance, organic shea butter, and peptides, this shampoo bar for all hair types gives you the benefits of liquid shampoo in the convenience of a natural solution.

How to Apply the Shampoo Bar :

Foam the soap vigorously on wet hair, massaging well on the scalp, followed by a gentle rinse it properly with lukewarm water. Please note that rinsing is very important because of the lime water. For best results, complete the washing process with an apple cider vinegar rinse (2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to 1 l of water).

A hair soap that is great for one person may not work for the other. Especially if you have previously used a conventional shampoo with silicone, the hair will be dry after the first wash with the hair soap. It takes a certain period of time for the hair to get used to it. All products are handmade, without palm and kernel oil. Without chemical additives, parabens, fats of animal origin, silicones, plastic. Come with no plastic packaging. Not tested on animals. Made in Zurich.

Mido Made is a Swiss brand based in Zurich, specializing in creating unique, handmade skincare products. Mido Made’s goal is to be 100% sustainable and gentle to the planet, so you won’t find any plastic packaging when shopping with this forward-thinking, sustainable brand.

All products are handmade, without palm and kernel oil. Without chemical additives, parabens, fats of animal origin, silicones, plastic. Come with no plastic packaging. Not tested on animals. Made in Zurich, with love.

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