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Why these 4 Sustainable Swiss Fashion Brands are the best

Wondering how sustainable Swiss Fashion Brands are different from the rest of the industry? Let’s find out your answer!

sustainable swiss fashion brands

Fashion… it’s like, the ultimate guilty pleasure, right? New trends pop up every minute, closets overflowing with barely-worn treasures… but whoops, did you forget the earth pays the price for that cute top you wore once?

Yeah, the fashion industry ain’t exactly known for being eco-friendly. It’s like a giant clothes monster, guzzling water, spitting out waste, and leaving a carbon footprint the size of Texas. Not cool.

But hey, there’s good news! We can be fashionistas AND earth defenders by embracing sustainable fashion. Think of it as a total style upgrade for the planet. Fortunately, multiple Swiss clothing brands are also becoming environmentally friendly.

Sustainable fashion is all about clothes made from eco-friendly materials like recycled threads or organic cotton, using less water and energy. And guess what? It doesn’t mean sacrificing style! We have multiple sustainable Swiss fashion brands who are taking this trend seriously. But how are they different from other brands? Let’s find out.

What is Sustainable Fashion?

In 2023 the fashion industry produced 97 million tons of waste. It is also responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions. Which is a huge number!!

You see, the fashion industry is not doing any good for our planet. This is where sustainable fashion branding comes to the rescue.

Sustainable fashion is a concept that promotes methods and techniques of making fashion items without harming the environment. Sustainable fashion allows brands to become environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

The main focus of sustainable Swiss fashion brands is to create products using natural resources like wool, linen, and cotton that are harvested without chemicals or pesticides. All of them are biodegradable elements; it means no more adding up to those overflowing landfills.

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The positivity of sustainable Swiss fashion brands is not just limited to raw materials. The production process is another element that separates this eco-friendly fashion from other fashion techniques. For example, a responsible brand will minimise its waste, reduce energy consumption, and utilise renewable energy sources.

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Benefits of Sustainable Fashion

Ditch the guilt trip and rock some threads that are good for the planet and your style! Sustainable Swiss fashion brads isn’t just about avoiding harm, it’s about a win-win-win for you, the Earth, and everyone involved. Here’s the lowdown:

1. Planet Power-Up! Sustainable fashion uses eco-friendly materials and clean energy, like saying “hasta la vista” to pollution and waste.

2. Happy Workers, Happy Clothes! Sustainable fashion means fair wages and safe workplaces for everyone making your clothes. That good karma vibes right there? It shows in the quality and your happy conscience!

3. Stand Out From the Crowd: Forget mass-produced trends! Sustainable fashion often means unique designs and limited runs, making your style as individual as you are.

4. Earth’s BFF: Sustainable fashion uses renewable and natural materials, giving our planet a break from resource depletion.

5. Be an Ethical Fashionista: Supporting sustainable brands means saying YES to fair treatment and good working conditions. You’re choosing a more just and equitable fashion industry, one outfit at a time!

Remember, every choice counts! So next time you shop, remember these sustainable Swiss fashion brands and rock styles that reflect your desire for a better world. Together, we can make fashion a force for good!

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Key differentiators of Sustainable Swiss Fashion Brands

Now that you know the basics of sustainable fashion, let’s discuss the real question: How do sustainable Swiss fashion brands stand out from the rest of the industry?

Here are only a few key differentiators to get you an idea:

Innovation and Craftsmanship

Sustainability is not limited to using natural resources but also reusing different wastes. Sustainable Swiss fashion brands utilize waste materials to manufacture different products including bags, clothes, and other accessories. For example, who could’ve imagined that you could get a stylish bag made only from grape skin leather which is a winemaking leftover?

etereo's Black Grape Leather Backpack produced from winemaking waste. It is 100% vegetal leather, online impact store switzerland

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And of course, we cannot ignore the fact that popular sustainable Swiss fashion brands depend mostly on natural resources. Going natural is what separates them from the rest of the fashion industry. So, if you’re a person who likes fashion and loves the planet, sustainable fashion brands are exactly what you need!

Transparency and Responsibility

Imagine you could see exactly where your clothes come from, how they’re made, and who made them. That’s the power of transparency in sustainable fashion, and it’s a game-changer!

But why does transparency matter?

You get peace of mind when there is transparency. Once you know the making process of your fashion accessories there is no more guilt but pride. Transparency helps you choose brands that align with your thoughts and values. And you get to support people who are trying to be good for the planet.


How do you find a transparent fashion company?

Look for the companies who are sharing their ins and outs without hiding anything. Their sourcing details should be clear and there should not be any kind of ambiguity. Also, you can look for certain certifications on their websites like GOTS (organic cotton).

Some well-known sustainable fashion brands include Etéreo, 1 People, and Bousiinne. Our favourite thing about these brands is of course their transparency with their entire manufacturing and supply chain. Plus, they are always willing to do more for the environment.

cairo canela 5

Remember, even small steps matter! Look for brands that share information about their practices, ask questions, and support those committed to transparency. By doing so, you’re voting for a more ethical and sustainable future for fashion.

Timeless Design and Slow Fashion

Once in a while, we all have felt that we don’t have anything to wear despite having a full closet. That’s the trap of fast fashion, producing cheap trend pieces that quickly disappear to the bottom of your wardrobe.

To get rid of this problem we have slow fashion, a subset of the sustainable fashion industry.
Think of it like preparing a healthy home-cooked meal and fast fashion is obviously unhealthy fast food. Slow fashion focuses on creating items that have timeless designs and durable quality.

Here’s why slow fashion is ideal for you and the planet:

1. Save money: You don’t need to buy cheap products every now and then. Just invest in quality products that will stay with you for years, without getting out of fashion.

2. Less Waste, Happy Planet: Fast fashion produces tons of waste every year, slow fashion is getting rid of it. Slow fashion has fewer throwaways, keeping our planet happy and healthy.

3. Feel Good, Do Good: Many slow fashion brands prioritise fair labour practices and ethical production. By supporting them, you’re making a positive impact on people’s lives.

Care to read more about sustainable fashion? Here are 7 reasons why sustainable fashion is SO worth investing in!

Sustainable Swiss Fashion Brands: benefits of local focus and ethical production

Switzerland is famous for its watches and mouth-watering chocolates. But it also brags about high environmental and social standards.

When you support local brands, you’re saying YES to fair wages, safe workplaces, and ethical treatment for everyone involved. Here’s how:

1. Ditch the pollution blues! Less transport for local clothes means less nasty fumes in the air. Breathe easy knowing your style is keeping the planet healthy.

2. Think local, act global! Support local production and you’re not just rocking cool clothes, you’re empowering businesses and creating jobs, making your community boom!

3. Fashion with impact! Local and ethical clothes aren’t just trendy, they’re a statement. You’re choosing positive change for the environment, workers, and your community. Talk about a win-win!

Unique Materials and Approaches: Who says eco-friendly clothes need to be boring? Swiss brands are pushing the boundaries of sustainability with unique initiatives and innovative materials, proving that looking good and doing good can go hand-in-hand. Buckle up for a taste of their awesomeness!

Swiss Sustainable Fashion Brands: our top picks!

Forget fast fashion! These sustainable Swiss fashion brands are turning sustainability into a superpower, with innovation and creativity that’s seriously cool. The deal is simple: when you rock their threads, you’re getting stylish clothes and helping the community for a greener earth.

Here are 4 of our favourite sustainable Swiss fashion brands:

1. Local Production, Global Impact: kaio swim

kaio swim, one of the best Swiss fashion stores for swimwear, focuses on using high-quality fabric produced right in Switzerland. This reduces their carbon footprint, supports local artisans, and ensures responsible logistics. Talk about wearing your values!

Plunge Swimsuit – Terracotta kaio swim

2. Upcycled Magic: 1 People

1 People takes leftover insoles from post-industrial waste and transforms them into iconic, durable Portonovi VEGEA Slippers. Their unique design is a reminder that creativity and sustainability can be a powerful duo.

portonovi sandal 7

3. Natural Dyes, Happy Hues: Nimboo

Nimboo goes beyond organic silk and GOTS certification. They experiment with natural dyes like indigo and hibiscus for a touch of eco-friendly colour. Who knew plants could create such vibrant shades?

Dhyana Organic Silk Kimono

4. Beyond Clothes, Beyond Borders: Ana Dyla B.V.

Ana Dyla B.V. champions all things sustainable, using recycled gold & silver & 60% fair-mined gemstones. Plus, with every piece you purchase, you support us in creating 100 fair trade jobs worldwide.


Next time you shop, think Swiss and choose threads that reflect your desire for a better world. Together, we can turn fashion into a force for good, one stylish choice at a time!


So you now know the strengths of sustainable Swiss fashion brands. This fashion trend is not just limited to looking cool but also leaving an impact on the planet.

So, are you ready to go green? Check out the Swiss Impact Store to get the best Swiss sustainable fashion brands all under one roof! Sustainable shopping was never easier!

Remember, you don’t need to be an expert to make a difference. Every time you choose sustainable fashion, you’re voting for a better future. It’s that simple!

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Making Sustainable Lifestyle Transformation Easy

SiS is more than a simple e-commerce platform. Our mission is to encourage, help, and inspire people to look for sustainable sourcing, reduce production waste, carbon footprint, and make conscious choices.

Whether you’re on the hunt for sustainable clothingclean beauty, or ethical homeware, our team has done the hard work for you, carefully screening brands before ever being displayed at SIS.

So all that’s left for you is to shop with peace of mind.