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Best Natural Foot Bath Salt

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Sold and shipped by Mido Made Zurich
Shipping only in Switzerland
SKU: 100017

Best Natural Foot Bath Salt

The perfect blend to beat tired, tough, dry skin on the feet.

Now you can enjoy the experience of warm water, soft music, and naturally foot friendly ingredients. Foot Bath Salt is the best at-home foot spa experience you’ll ever have. It will quickly nourish your feet and prevent excessive callus formation (all the while you catch up on your favorite Netflix show).

Relax, unwind and enjoy the benefits of mint with this soothing combination of Siwa Sea salt, organic orange zest, and shea butter.

The best natural care tool for your feet. The foot bath salt of the Siwa collection is a unique mixture of organic orange zest and unrefined organic Shea butter from Ghana.

A few minutes in our foot bath salt and your body will flood with feel-good endorphins.

While you gently massage your feet, the salt extracts the waste while neutralizing the effects of external stresses, releasing tension. At the same time, moisture is built up around the skin to soften calluses and dry skin. The strong orange scent harmonises with other essential oils, while fresh mint stimulates your brain cells, giving you a higher quality of life.


  • Place your foot into warm water and stir in two spoons of bath salt. Sit back and relax for about 20 minutes as the water softens the affected areas of the foot.
  • Massage your feet with a few gentle circular movements using a bit of foot bath salt mixture.
  • Then wash with water, gently dry the feet, and put on socks. The results will be sure to surprise you!

Mido Made is a Swiss brand based in Zurich, specializing in creating unique, handmade skincare products. Mido Made’s goal is to be 100% sustainable and gentle to the planet, so you won’t find any plastic packaging when shopping with this forward-thinking, sustainable brand.

All salts are without chemical additives, parabens, fats of animal origin, silicones, or plastic. No plastic packaging. Not tested on animals.

Item composition

Siwa salt, Epsom salt, baking soda, organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, dried organic mint, organic orange zest, nature-identical aromatic oil. Filled in a recyclable glass with a wooden lid.

Weight 0.15 kg

Shipping only in Switzerland

Sustainability Values and Certifications

Cruelty-Free, Plastic-Free, Vegan, Fairtrade, Zero Waste

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