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Rue Prévost-Martin 22, 1205 Genève, Switzerland

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Ita-Ito is a luxurious textile brand drawn in Switzerland and made in Peru. We use our knowledge and experience to create exclusive and elegant garments of an irreproachable quality and a unique and timeless style. Each garment is designed and made by hand, contributing to the respect to mankind, animals and nature. We have them made at our workshops by our artisans who contribute with special care to make each garment unique and precious. We work exclusively with baby alpaca fiber, which is known as one of the finest fibers in the world, very soft, silky, and hypoallergenic, with a great thermal capacity.

We work to establish a long-term development program based on two main pillars: The first one is to be able to provide these artisans with the necessary skills that will allow them to better exploit their knowledge and be able to value them. The second pillar is to sensitize our weavers in gender equality, inform them about their rights and the laws that protect them.

The goal of this program is to value the work of these women artisans and to be able to help them become autonomous.

Helping a woman, we help a family … a whole community …!







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