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1 People

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Venedigvej 6, 2300 København, Denmark

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1 People is a Danish sustainable luxury brand that designs effortlessly timeless looks for conscious-minded women so that they can stay stylish in an ethical, high-quality fashion.




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Discover 1 People

1 People is a Danish sustainable fashion brand meticulously handcrafted by artisans for eco-minded women. Minimalism and fare prices are a part of 1 People’s DNA, offering simplicity and versatility for women wanting more from their wardrobe when shopping online.

Moreover, 1 People makes sure to provide their customers with sufficient information about their lifestyle essentials that are safe and comfy to wear for every occasion. Excellent quality and transparency are of primary importance to striving to become the best in their niche.

It’s all about People and the Planet

1 People take good care of their employees and aim at protecting nature at every step of their supply chain. They frequently undergo thorough controls on their suppliers to ensure good working conditions and fair wages for small-scale manufacturers and artisans who handcraft and naturally dye products. At the same time, 1 People have high standards of a product’s carbon footprint and its impact on the planet. Each product is GOTS, GRS, OEKO-TEX 100, and RWS certified. Their manufacturers use energy-efficient water management systems and upcycling methods for the unused fabrics.

Apart from a planet-centric approach, 1 People contributes to poverty eradication. A fair amount of their profits go to their social projects. The first one is called the “Business for Planet” program. This program is an educational and fundraising platform for social entrepreneurs with a people and planet mindset. The goal is to encourage positive impact-driven businesses to create social change. Another project is “Youth Education,” helping with school donations so that more children and teenagers can get a good education. The last project is called “Feed the Hungry,” which does not solve the poverty problem but is dedicated to assisting people pushed into poverty and starvation.

These projects will undoubtedly change millions of lives to overcome stubborn barriers giving them a fairer chance in life – education, safer jobs, good homes, fair wages, and positive and impactful development of local communities.

Sustainability score of 1 People’s products: what does it mean?

The 1 People’s sustainability score was created internally to evaluate each product’s environmental impact. The latter is calculated by splitting up different product materials. Each material is rated on its sustainability based on the following criteria:

  • – What is the energy and greenhouse gas intensity?
  • – How easily can the product be recycled?
  • – Is the product biodegradable?
  • – Does it contain any harmful chemicals?
  • – Is there a negative effect on individual wellbeing?
  • – Is there a negative effect on community wellbeing?

Recycled materials are a primary focus of the 1 People brand as long as they are properly recycled and if the recycling process isn’t polluting. Raw and finished materials are not included in their sustainability measurement, though. At last, the total impact scores of each material are combined using a weighted average approach from which their final sustainability percentage score is derived.

1 People’s FAQs

Does 1 People ship to my country?

<p 1 People use carbon neutral shipment and deliver worldwide. 1 People always provide FREE standard delivery on ALL orders with no minimums or exclusions! It may take up to 5 business days to deliver your order.

More details can be found here or under the Store Policies tab on the 1 People’s store page.

How did Swiss Impact Store select 1 People?

Swiss Impact Store selects eco-friendly brands that meet the needs of the present for the benefit of our future. We evaluate each of our partners with an extensive assessment and analyze their sustainable practices. We use our sustainability scale, which can be found here.