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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Eco-friendly Oral Care Products

Good oral hygiene is a game-changer!

But how many of us think about what our oral care products do to the environment?

Sustainable oral care products can make your oral care routine more environmentally friendly.

But what are the ingredients in sustainable oral care products, and where can I buy them?

If that’s what you are thinking, we have all the answers! Just keep reading to learn everything you need about sustainable oral care products and where you can buy them all in one place.

Ethical Oral Care Products Are Organic And Cruelty-Free

Sustainable oral care products are made with ingredients that are organic, natural, vegan, biodegradable, and good for the environment. Animals are not harmed during testing or to obtain a part from them.

Furthermore, eco-friendly oral care products do not have overpowering odours. These harmful chemicals, like phthalates and styrene, cause serious health problems like cancer.

Paraben is another ingredient in common oral care products that is bad for your health. It is a preservative known to mess with the hormone system of humans. Sulfates, paraffin wax, and ethoxylated methylisothiazolinone are harmful to people and the environment. On the other hand, ethical oral care products don’t have any of these ingredients. Instead, they only use natural ingredients.

A good example is the standing Soft Bamboo Toothbrush. It is a sustainable oral care alternative to plastic toothbrushes, and the bristles are charcoal-infused and contain no harmful chemicals.

Sustainable Oral Care Products Are Ethically Sound

Manufacturers of sustainable oral care products that follow ethical standards think about what goes into their products and how they are made. They care about their workers’ rights and make sure the workplace is safe and healthy.

These companies also fight against child labour and slavery on farms that grow mint, bamboo, vanilla, and cloves used in common oral care products.

Also, companies that make eco-friendly oral care products help people from underrepresented cultural and ethnic groups by giving them jobs and recognition.

The packaging for Ethical Oral Care products is not made of plastic

SiS has a Natural Bamboo Toothbrush that you should check out. Take note of cardboard packaging that is not made of plastic.

All eco-friendly oral care products are the same. They come in glass bottles, metal containers, paper wrappers, or other types of packaging that are good for the environment. These materials can be used repeatedly and don’t hurt the environment by sending tonnes of smoke into the air when they are made.

Also, most sustainable oral care companies have a recycling, return, or refill programme to save resources and reduce their carbon footprint.

Where Can I Find Sustainable Oral Care ?

Now that you know sustainable oral care products are the only way forward, you should find out where you can get them all at a discount. The Swiss Impact Store sells everything good for the environment. So, what are you holding out for? Begin shopping right away!