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Why Is A Sustainable Mask Better Than Disposable?

Manufacturers, sellers, and providers of face masks saw a massive increase in business in 2020. Many nations imposed stringent regulations on their use in public, which caused the demand to soar.

Disposable face masks were ubiquitous. They turned into a representation of the pandemic, visible everywhere — from trash cans to people’s faces. A study found that in 2020, 1.6 billion face masks found their way into our waters. It accounts for 75% of overall sales.

The figures were so absurd that they became a nightmare for the environmentalists. And so, sustainable masks started to become more popular. A disposable mask can only be used once and then thrown away. Sustainable masks, however, can be washed and used again. The general populace can use them without leaving our planet desolate.

Here are four reasons to switch to sustainable masks sooner if you’re considering doing so:

Sustainable Masks Have Clean, Green, And Ethical Manufacturing

Polypropylene is used to make disposable face masks. The process of making plastic pellets uses a lot of electricity and water and makes a lot of carbon dioxide.

Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. However, this is different for environmentally friendly, sustainable masks. They don’t emit dangerous gases into the atmosphere and use natural fabrics and colours.

Sustainable Masks Don’t Add To The Pollution.

A study found that we discarded nearly 3.4 billion face masks and shields daily during the pandemic. For a day, the figure is absurdly high, right?

Sustainable masks are a method to make amends for the environmental harm we cause. You do not have to discard them after a single use because they are washable and reusable.

Additionally, even if you choose to throw them away, their biodegradable nature aids in their natural disintegration into the earth. Disposable face masks, on the other hand, emit dangerous gases when burned, and they remain in our landfills and oceans for all time.

Affordable, Sustainable Masks

You might think that a reusable, sustainable mask that costs 36 CHF is a lot more expensive than a pack of 50 disposable masks that costs 25 CHF. But you’re mistaken!

A sustainable mask can be washed and used again. A disposable mask, on the other hand, can only be used once and then thrown away. Therefore, if you think about sustainable masks as a long-term investment, they are surprisingly affordable. Just like our linen face mask with natural dyes!

Unlike Sustainable Masks, Disposable Masks Spread Secondary Illnesses.

The substances in used plastic face masks are biohazardous. The government needs to get rid of them properly so that they don’t spread diseases to the rest of the population.

However, only a few institutions strictly adhere to the disposal protocol. As a result, the public is put at risk by these plastic masks.

Sustainable Masks Promote Sustainable Tourism

Consider the harm the tourism sector will suffer from the dramatic increase in litter by face masks. According to the United Nations Environment Program, waste in tourist areas caused a $40 billion global loss for the tourism and recreation industries.

Additionally, the masks in the oceans cause the fishery industry several problems. They are mistaken for food by fish and waterfowl, who eat them and suffocate. Sustainable masks are the most effective defense against fast fashion and an environmentally destructive supply and manufacturing system for clothing.

Have you decided to convert from disposable to sustainable masks? Now, visit the Swiss Impact Store to find the most affordable items and environmentally friendly choices.