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Urban Medley

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Turfschip 131, Amstelveen, Netherlands

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Urban Medley is a Netherlands-based responsible fashion brand. It is committed to promoting India's rich heritage of weaving and printing traditions.  Each product is a confluence of modern design and traditional artisanry crafted on sustainable natural fabrics. We are in pursuit of making fashion ethical.

Responsible first and of course sustainable - Urban Medley is consciously planet friendly. We use locally sourced materials and enable artisans to work within their natural habitats. Material wastage is kept at a minimum and every care is taken to reach a zero-pollutant release level during production. Your handmade Urban Medley   item is a piece of conscious luxury

Preserving the Past for the Future -Our master craftsmen and weavers pass on their skills through generations. Through them, the unique traditions of hand printing and weaving have survived over centuries. Today they combine these old-world traditions with new-world designs making their creations blend with your modern urban life—a luxury steeped in history.  

Design- Our designers work with our diverse artisan clusters. They introduce contemporary design components and new colour palettes into traditional techniques. The artisans upskill as they learn global trends and fashion sensibilities.  With ethical responsible production at the core, this medley of the old with the new completes the circle.

While we work very hard to bring you the exclusive and timeless we give you the space to create your own style using our accessories. 




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