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Av. Príncipe, 71, 30820 Alcantarilla, Murcia, Spain

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The first MF SEA collection was inspired by strong women both in character and actions, women that are strong-willed, passionate, and deeply connected to nature, combined with the love of the ocean and the intention to spend hours in the water.

Our intent was to create a product that would bring fashion and function into one being. Our goal is to accommodate the demand for a sports garment that will remain durable in the water through active lifestyles yet still be fashionable. We want to be able to help you reach a premium experience throughout your journey. You can surf, swim, and dance underwater, our sustainable swimsuits will keep you warm for hours while being lighter, stretchier, and greener for the planet than usual swimsuits.

The main focus was to create something unique, and different while remaining to our actual core value of being classy.

We hope that you enjoy this collection as much as we do and that you spend countless hours in the ocean, exploring marine life, surfing infinite waves, sailing the 7 seas, and finding your passion.

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